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Mar 27, 2010 09:25 AM

Matzo ( matza ) meal, kosher or jewish grocer, in Montreal

Chowhound community help!

I'm supposed to make matzo ball soup for ten plus people on Monday for Passover but I can't find matzo meal in any of the mainstream grocery stores. In the past I've always brought it from the states (from NY, just studying in Montreal and not that familiar with the city yet)

Do you know any specific grocers I should check out? I know my best chances may be out at cote-st-luc or hampstead but given that I live in Le Plateau, hoping there's something closer.

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  1. I have seen matzo stuff (even chocolate covered matzo of all things) in a lot of supermarkets, but the more the west you are the more you will find for example, pretty much all supermarkets in TMR, Westmount, NDG, ... ).

    There are a lot of kosher produces at the Metro corner sherbrooke and victoria.

    I'm certain you can find matzo mix on Parc Ave., (PA ?), where there is a lot of jewish stores; but obviously they are closed today.


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      Kosher Grocer (Cacherie Liperie...or something to that effect) on Parc just north of St-Viateur on the east side of the street. I think they should be open on Sunday. You might also be able to find some at the Loblaws on Parc and's so big I think they should have some but, funny, how hard it is to find Jewish products in Montreal supermarkets.

      2925 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H1W, CA

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        It's not hard at all to find jewish products in Montreal. but since food business tend to stock items that sell, they do not stock jewish specific products in neighbourhood where there are very few jewish customers.

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          Agree with Kosher Grocer on Parc suggestion, they definitely have it.

      2. The St. Jacques and St. Croix Loblaws have big kosher sections. Also, the Esposito on Marcel Laurin has a huge Kosher section where you will definitely find matzo meal. (or, cheat and use a matzo-ball mix, they're good!)

        2925 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H1W, CA

        1. Thank you so much everyone!

          1. There's Bentzy's at Hutchison and St Viateur as well. Don't know if they have what you want but it's popular and Kosher.