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Farm To Fork 2010 Triangle NC

So tickets are available and I'm actually considering going this year since last year sounded like such a cool event. For those that have been, I have a few questions...

1. How quickly do tickets go?
2. What should I expect when I attend?

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  1. We got tickets already since they went so quickly last year. We're really looking forward to it.

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      We already have our tickets. We bought them as soon as they went on sale. We had a ball last year. When you go to the website, if you see a little girl in a blue and white top eating a pig tail, she's with me.

    2. Hi - it was great meeting you today. Tickets go pretty fast so I'd suggest getting your tickets soon. I've gotten mine. I went for the 1st time last year and it was wonderful. Lot's of great fresh food.

      1. I do wish they'd give us some idea of what they're serving. Has anyone seen any kind of listing, or is this a "we'll decide the day before" thing (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

        Edit: oops, nevermind. Just saw that it is a variety of things, not a meal. It *does* sound like fun.

        PS - I didn't see any pictures Tom from R. Are they on the flash portion of the site?

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          The photo's are actually at this link:


          I'm thinking about it - good cause but right now it is a fair chunk of change for us.
          Sounds terrific though.

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            Thanks meatn3 (and it was Such a pleasure to meet you yesterday). I think the fact that I have flash turned off is why I'm not seeing the picture.

            I've just talked to the husband about this, and he's going to think it over. He's got a conference in Quebec the following week which might mean he'll be feeling over-worked, but I do like the idea of this.

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              LLM-- you won't be disappointed. my comment over and over again last year was "man, I've been to a lot of these things, and I've never been blown away by the food... until now." they had some seriously baller stuff going last year-- it was a blast. i can only imagine they'll keep the ball rolling this year.

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                I'm in! Bought my ticket today. Going solo so the expenditure became easier.

                Come and bring LuLu! It will be fun to be less tied to seats at a table & be able to mingle more!

                1. re: meatn3

                  Def. trying to buy tickets. Emailed them about some other way than paypal (I had a bad experience with PP so avoid it like the plague), but as soon as I find another way to pay, we're in!

          2. Just bought mine. See y'all there.

            1. I'm in as well or at least potentially. I have my tix!

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              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                I'm new to the area and am looking forward to this event! :-)

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                  I bought tix for the first time this year. Does anybody know when/if they ship the tickets? I haven't received anything yet (other than the online paypal confirmation) and want to know if I should worry.

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                    I haven't received anything yet either. I suspect it is just due to being an understaffed non-profit - tickets will come!

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                      there are no actual physical tickets: your name will be listed as a paid attendant and will be checked at the welcome table at the event.

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                        If that is the case, the organizers should send out an email confirmation with that information. As of right now, all I have is a paypal confirm.

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                          Thanks for the heads up. There is absolutely no mention of this on the site or on the receipt. I too would feel better with more than a paypal confirmation. It is a bit of a hike for me and if there is a glitch I'd rather know & get it fixed before I invest the time into getting there!

                          Do you know this as an organizer/volunteer or as a past attendee?

                          1. re: pheebs

                            My thoughts are the same as the others. There really needs to be a declaration of this. I'll just print out my receipt in case I get any friction.

                    2. BF: I went last year and was REALLY blown away. I remember standing at the top of the hill and thinking "this must be what heaven looks like". It may have been the best food experience I've...well, experienced thus far. Definitely the best value.

                      "How quickly do tickets go?": quickly...buy now.

                      "What should you expect?": some of the best chefs in the Triangle cooking amazing foods; last year it seemed as though everyone was trying to outdo one another. All your food is included in the price of your ticket (and don't worry about not receiving your tix yet; I've already talked to the organizers and they are on top of it... last year it was a "will call" type situation and I had zero problems) but bring some cash for drink tickets if you like wine/beer.
                      This year should be a little better than last year as it won't be so hot (DO expect to stand in a field with NO shade for the afternoon...bring a hat, some chairs or blankets, and some bug spray). I do, however, have to echo a local restauranteur that I talked to last week. When I asked him if he was going to be there this year he said that he was not, and the only reason was that he was concerned that it was going to be a Pig Fest as there is really not that much local produce available in May...certainly no tomatoes! I hadn't thought about that but he's right. Still, even if it IS a Pig Fest (and there was a LOT of pig last year...and goat...and beef...and deliciousness!) is that terrible?

                      Totally kid friendly by the way. Really. I don't have them, but seeing them run around eating icecream and climbing hay bale towers really made the afternoon that much more enjoyable.

                      Hope to see you out there!

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                        <Totally kid friendly by the way. Really. I don't have them, but seeing them run around eating icecream and climbing hay bale towers really made the afternoon that much more enjoyable. >

                        We sold our kid on going by telling her that Jason Smith of 18 Seaboard would be there. I think she's his youngest groupie and she can't stop asking when F2F is going to be, already. The presence of strawberries and ices didn't hurt, either.

                        18 Seaboard
                        18 Seaboard, Raleigh, NC 27604

                        1. re: rockycat

                          Too funny. when we went to 18 Seaboard we ran into Jason as we walked in. He introduced himself and was extra nice to Lulu, so she was a big fan too, although the waitress Sarah was the one who REALLY won her over. She brought extra capers for Lulu and was elevated to the peerage.

                          18 Seaboard
                          18 Seaboard, Raleigh, NC 27604

                        2. re: gazzy

                          I've already gotten my two tickets for the event. Now hopefully the weather will be just as nice as it has been lately.

                        3. For any beer drinkers out there, Fullsteam will be serving samples of several "plow-to-pint" beers and selling pints if you like what you sampled. All proceeds go to the same non-profits that the picnic itself supports.

                          *disclaimer: I'm involved in Fullsteam, so I won't cry if you take this post down. My eyes might get a little red, though.

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                            I am excited to try your beers, Sean.

                          2. So a friend of mine who has a culinary degree and is big on organic/slow foods just told me she'd like to attend and found out it was sold out. She didn't hear much about it. Is there any possible way to get/pay for 2 extra tickets? Just thought I'd take a chance.