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Mar 27, 2010 09:14 AM

[Sheffield] Any suggestions?

My fiancé and I divide our time between Sheffield and Chicago. Know the lay of the land in Chicago well, but eager to hear what people can suggest we try in Sheffield. Not looking for any specific sort of food, just good eats....


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  1. You should definitely check out Two Steps on Sharrowvale Road (just off the Ecclesall Road. It is arguably the best chippy in the City and the oldest. It takes its name from the two steps leading up to the small shop and is, as were many original chip shops, in the front room of a small terraced house.

    Make sure to have the traditional Sheffield accompaniment of a spash of "Hendo's" (Henderson's Relish) with your chips. This is a sauce made in Sheffield that sells over 500,000 bottles a year, but almost all only in South Yorkshire.

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      Thanks, Simon, I'll definitely check it out!