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Mar 27, 2010 09:07 AM

Meyer Lemon Passover Recipes and Vegetable side dish question

I have about 40 meyer lemons waiting to be used and wanted to use them for a dessert for my Seder. I need to be both kosher for passover and dairy free. so far i have come up empty? Any suggestions?

Secondly my oven space is already going to be beyond full and I need a vegetable dish I can serve at room temp. I also have to get all my cooking done on Sunday for a Tuesday night Seder (same for the dessert question above) I was thinking of broiling some asparagus and zucchini on Sunday and then tossing them in some sort of lemon herb vinaigrette. Would that taste good two days ahead of time and at room temp? If so do I wait to the last minute to dress the vegetables or do it ahead? Any other veggie ideas that fit these requirements? Thanks!

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  1. meyer lemon sorbet or granita. maybe better to steam the asparagus until underdone, then shock in cold water to preserve color, and dress at the last minute (with gribiche perhaps?).