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Mar 27, 2010 08:50 AM

Do you recommend reservations?

We are traveling to Nice/St.Jean Cap Ferrat/Monte Carlo from April 6th to April 21st. We are doing a lot of sigtseeing, art museums and exploring, and want to keep a flexible schedule.
We still want to try some of the good restaurants, but don't want to be beholden to reserved times or we may not know exactly where we will be at dinner time.
Given the time of year, would you still suggest reservations, or is it possible to be walk-ins?
We do have one reservation made at Joel Rubichon in MC through our hotel concierge, but are wondering if we should have reservations for Restaurant de Bacon, Josy Jo, Les Pescheurs, L'Ane Rouge, etc.
I ask this with all respect to these establishments.
Thank you all. I really enjoy reading the posts on this Board.

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  1. Depends on whether you care about eating and are eating in especially researched restaurants. If so, reserve. If not, wing it.

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      Yah , I sort of agree, in that we either (1) go to a destination resto and reserve a day in advance or (2) semi-wing-it and decide at 11 AM or 5 PM and call then and reserve so we're not surprised/etc. On the road we never know where we'll plotz and in Paris never decide until it's 24 hours or less from H-Hour. I nice part (if there is one) of the Great Recession is that it is rare that places are full. A famed place in Central Paris has for the last two nights been nigh empty reports a food purveying neighbor.