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Mar 27, 2010 08:49 AM

Sunday is Market Day in Paris - which one?

I have my 9+ chefs with me and we're in the 6th about a block away from the Jardins de Luxembourg. I'd like to take them to an open market on Sunday. One that is uniquely Parisian, which would mean stuff like great street food, more than just produce, lovely setting.

The plan is to walk the market, pick up something yummy and go have a picnic somewhere nice.

I was thinking the Raspail, then walk to the Luxumbourg gardens.

I've been to Mouffetard and loved it, but wanted something new.

The Bastille appeals, perhaps picnicing at Place des Vosges.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks. And of course, I'm happy to narrow my request based on your questions.

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  1. Considering where you are, I vote for Monge or Raspail.
    Sunday morning market has a very leisurely kind of vibes. However tempting it is to visit several markets, I suggest you stick to one, walk a little eat a little.
    If the weather is nice, you can get a buncha food from the Monge market and then picnic at Jardin des Plantes or by the Seine somewhere.
    This website gives all the markets and their hours:

    1. If you go to the market on Raspail there is a vendor (on the Hotel Lutetia end of the market) who makes amazing cheese, potato & onion galettes. We usually get one (each) to munch on in the market and another for the road.

      1. Bastille has a wider choice, but the most wonderful vegetable and fruits in Paris are on Raspail on sunday mornings... at spectacular prices.

        Not only is a walk to the Luxembourg an option: Christian Constant is kinda on your way and has, among other things, some of the best icecreams known to man.

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          Thanks Parigi. I had that very list bookmarked. Leaning towards Respail and Luxembourg, with perhaps a short stop around the corner to the Bon Marche (my foodie friends HAVE to see the Le Grande Epicerie).

          Thanks for the galette tip, AGM! Yum!

          Thanks, Souphie, Christian Constant is a great rec. April 18 will hopefully be a sunny day.

          1. re: tom in sf

            If you go to Raspail, also do not miss pâtisseries Hugo & Victor (40 bd Raspail @ rue Chomel) and Pâtisserie des Reves (93 rue de Bac.) Both open the early part of the day on Sunday and "must visits" as unique pâtisserie experiences.

        2. I hate people who post one word posts but here for certain it's - Raspail.

          1. The original comment has been removed