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Mar 27, 2010 08:28 AM

chez pascal sausage truck

we saw the truck parked on south-north main,on our way to the whole foods.we split the most amazing bratwurst sangy that weve ever had,great carmelized onions and homemade mustard,all on a grilled bun.i cant wait to go back,the whole menu looked great,i want one of everthing!!!!

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  1. Would you care to be a little more specific? Where? Thanks.

    1. Ya, exactly where was this??? - sounds great!

      1. They run a twitter feed @ChezPascal and update the truck location every day for lunch. Today it was at the Pawtucket Farmer Market.

        1. its on main st in providence,just north of risd,next to blackstone park.they said they are there wed-friday,dont know the hours though,would imagine lunch hours only,we were there around 1 .they make all their sausages,amazing!!