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Mar 27, 2010 06:53 AM

Cherry Bomb Bakery - Brighton


I walked by the storefront that used to house the fish and chips place on Washington Street in Brighton Center yesterday and noticed flyers in the windows with Cherry Bomb Bakery printed on them. I assume they are moving into the vacated space. Anyone heard of them or have any info?

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    1. No but I just saw Dakota Fanning performing this song in the Runaways movie. I wonder if we have some rockers baking in Brighton.

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        I've been to their Facebook page: it suggests less "rockers" than "cutesy hipsters." The logo is adorable, but the fact that it prominently features a cupcake is worrying (the last thing we need is another cupcake place), and the status update that the owner and/or chef was looking to turn his recipes vegan produced a bit of an involuntary shudder.

      2. I'll be excited to see a good GF dessert option in the area - it seems like all the places with good GF desserts are downtown.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Folks, we've removed a number of posts from this thread. We do our best to keep this site focused on the discussion of chow. Discussion of what the owner may have said about his competitors on Facebook is off topic for our site.

            In addition, we try to keep the site focused on chow that's currently available. Gossip and speculation about rumored restaurants doesn't help anyone eat better. We understand there's a recent tradition on this board of establishing threads dedicated to discussing all of the openings/closings in the area and we're fine with one thread, but we'd rather not see this type of speculation proliferate. Please help us keep the board primarily focused on discussing the chow currently available in the Boston Area, not on the chow that may be coming soon.

            We ended up removing the web address for Cherry Bomb as part of the other deletions, so we wanted to repost that:

            We're going to close this thread and will ask everyone to hold off on further discussion until this place is open. Thanks.