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Mar 27, 2010 06:39 AM

Deerfield Il

Will be in Deerfield the middle of April. Any suggestions for dinner in the area? Thank you!

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  1. Welcome. Lots of options near and in Deerfield. Some specifics will help us help you. Price range, food preferences, how many going, etc.

    1. SKIP all of what is listed below: I just remembered... Carson's Ribs.
      Even if you don't want ribs, the chicken is great. The salad is great. The cheesy potatoes are amazing--oh and nothing beats the coleslaw (and I don't even like slaw).

      For Italian Food, Cheap large portions... Italian Kitchen

      For All-american food.. Red Star
      Also all-american (fancier maybe).. Player's Grill

      Also all-american Diner & local-feel... Kevin's Place

      For amazing burgers, shakes, fries, super chicken...Dear Franks

      For Subs and shakes... Tony subs

      For a fancy dinner... Stony River

      For Japanese.. Kegon

      For breakfast type food... George's What's Cooking?

      For Jewish food/deli... Max & Benny's

      For German food... Kuhn's

      To be honest, I would say, if you don't stop by Deerfield Bakery and buy yourself something sweet for breakfast or for a snack, then you probably can't say you had the full Deerfield experience.

      Italian Kitchen
      648 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015

      What's Cooking Restaurant
      6181 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

      Kevin's Place
      808 Waukegan Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015

      1. Grace has a lot of good thoughts above. She mentions Stoney River, which I like a lot, but I wouldn't recommend it for a fancy dinner. Stoney River is a casual steakhouse, so it's great for a casual meal. I like their steaks (they have a coffee-crusted filet that's excellent, and I hate coffee) and their seafood (they have a Thai-inspired preparation for Chilean sea bass that's yummy), and they bring great little rolls to the table.

        If you want an upscale dinner, I would recommend three other places in the vicinity instead. All are in nearby towns; there's nothing really upscale in Deerfield itself. Michael in Winnetka is casual in style and reasonable in price, but with delicious higher-end contemporary American food. This is my favorite restaurant in the entire northern suburbs. Inovasi in Lake Bluff is a new restaurant which is also casual and reasonable, and also turns out delicious contemporary American food. Carlos in Highland Park is very high end serving French cuisine - the only public restaurant in Chicago's suburbs in which jackets are required for gentlemen - but they recently introduced a 3-course prix fixe menu for $40 every night, which is a great deal. I loved it when I ate there a year ago. I have previously posted reports on dinners at all three of these restaurants on Chowhound:
        Michael -
        Inovasi -
        Carlos -

        She also mentions Carson's, which I like a lot also. Their barbecued ribs are excellent, as she mentions; they also have very good steaks and one of the best prime ribs in the area. I love the cole slaw too!

        I think Deerfield Bakery is dreadful. If you're a pastry fanatic (like I am), there are two nearby bakeries that are wonderful: Gourmet Frog in Highland Park ( www.frenchrestaurantschicagocatering.... ), and Three Tarts in Northfield ( ).

        For breakfast, go to Walker Brothers Original Pancake House. Their huge puffy cinnamony apple pancake is sublime! Depending on where you are in Deerfield, either the location in Highland Park (just east of Deerfield) or Lincolnshire (just west of Deerfield) may be closer.

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          An FYI for future reference, Stony River closed around the holidays.

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            Yes, they did. Their location in Deer Park (near Lake Zurich) remains open.