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Mar 27, 2010 04:45 AM

Bagels Upper West Side

Can anyone tell me whether Absolute Bagels or H&H bagels are certified kosher?
And, if they are not, which bagels available on UWS of Manhattan are?


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  1. Bagels and Co. 393 Amsterdam at 79st

    1. You can check lists such as Shamash's for the status. H&H Bagels is on it but I don't see Absolute Bagels on their list. Since even recently opened places are represented on Shamash's list, I would say you that you would need to visit the store itself to ask to see the certificate on their wall.

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      1. re: Dovid

        To give a bit more detail, H&H bagels are under the Star-K, but not all the packaged goods are kosher. The bagels at Fairway (74th and Broadway) are also kosher, under Rav Marmorstein, who certifies many (but not all) of the baked goods there. Check the individual cases/signs by each product, as they mark things clearly.

      2. Also check bagek basket, corner of 90th and Amsterdam.
        618 Amsterdam Avenue

        (212) 721-1800

        1. The original comment has been removed