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Mar 26, 2010 09:40 PM

Funazushi / Narezushi / 熟れ寿司 in Austin?

Is there any place in Austin where I can find this stuff? If not, how about other fermented fish (like surströmming or rakfisk)?

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  1. Late reply, I know, but you might call around to different Middle Eastern stores and find out if any of them have Feseekh ( That will satisfy your rotten fish cravings forever.

    1. I've never seen anything like this in town, but I'd imagine you might be able to find something of the more European variety in some places nearby. Lutefisk is one of the few I've seen described on TV, and a quick googling led me to this:

      A little north of Waco. I'm a really adventurous eater, but I've gotta say that this stuff truly terrifies me. Best of luck!

      PS just looked at the site again and realized that this isn't a restaurant, but an annual event. Sorry if that wasn't helpful, but hey... good place to start!

      1. I'm a fermented fish fanatic. If they have it in Austin, I have it in my fridge or pantry. Unfortunately, none of these are available locally. I'd love to get my hands on some surstromming, especially [pounding chest and making Tarzan sounds]

        I don't know what those Chinese characters are but MT has a respectable selection of bottled mam nems and fermented mackerel fillets in oil. Along with some fermented pork in the "salad bar" (yes, that's what those bulk containers of Golden Gloop are).


        1. Have you checked Asahi Imports? I go there for pantry items, but I've never looked for fermented fish!