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Mar 26, 2010 07:23 PM

Indian Lemon Pickles

Somehow I've become addicted to these things. I need a good recipe that is lemony sour and not extremely hot. I'd prefer little or no oil. Any thoughts out there?

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  1. Madhur Jaffrey's "Indian Cooking" has a great recipe for lime pickles that could be used for lemons, I'm sure.

    1. In the UK, we differentiate between a pickle (with identifiable bits in it) from a chutney (no identifiable bits). I tend to make chutnies because I think they work better with a curry or, indeed, on a sandwich.. Here's the lemon one I do (with apologies for non-metric measurements - it's an old recipe).

      First you need to make some spiced vinegar. To 1 pint of vinegar, add 1 inch cinnamon stick, 6 cloves, a little mace, several allspice and 4 peppercorns. Bring to the boil; turn off the heat and leave to infuse till cold, then strain.

      Now for the making:

      Finely chop 6 thin-skinned lemons and 1 lb onions. Put them in the pan with 4oz raisins or sultanas, teaspoon mustard powder, teaspoon ground ginger, teaspoon Tabasco, teaspoon salt, the vinegar and 1 lb brown sugar. Slowly bring to boil and simmer till the lemon rind is soft and the whole thing has become fairly thick and gloopy. Store in preserving jars - like all these sort of chutnies, they'll last for years in the cupboard (we're still eating the 2006 vintage mango chutney).

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        This is great, thank you! Now, can I whine for your mango recipe as well?

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          No probs. And in spite of saying that chutnies have no identifiable bits - this one does (that's because I was trying to replicate the texture of Sharwoods Chutney which is, probably, our best seller.

          Peel 4 mangoes. You want to chop most of it finely ( a processor is fine) but leave some in small think slices. Finely chop 2 onions. These go in the pan with 2oz crystallised ginger, 2ox sultanas, 8oz soft brown sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, half a teaspoon each of dry mustard powder, ground ginger and cayenne pepper and 1.25pt malt vinegar (the original recipe says brown malt vinegar but I now use the clear version to keep the mango colour - looks prettier). Everythign simmers with an occasional stir for a couple of hours until it's thickened to , erm, chutney thickness. Bottle it up ( I use Kilner jars but whatever you have). Again this is one of these almost indestrucatable chutnies - I have as yet untouched 2008 & 2009 vintages that are just fine in the cupboard. ASs with most of these things, it needs to mature for at least 3 months before you touch it. Goes well with a spicy curry and is an absolute must on a chicken or turkey sandwich.

      2. The Jaffrey pickle is in oil but is very tart - I drain them well when we eat them, but they are still a bit oily.

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          I found the Jaffrey recipe hiding in my cookbook collection, it is the next thing to try, thank you!