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Mar 26, 2010 06:35 PM

[London] Where to buy frozen salmon burgers?

We're not talking fishcakes here. Preferably unadulterated wild salmon meat chopped and made into a patty like the beef variety would be. They are very popular in the States (good fats and good protein) and I am really missing them from my freezer. Yes, I can make my own and I do, but I'm rather be lazy and would like to have emergency patties in the deep freeze.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The shops that cater to the American expat community (like Panzer's and Rosslyn) trade in cereals, sweets and mixes that can be shipped out from the US. I don't think the US has cornered the market on salmon patties. It's just fish. Has anyone spotted something in their grocer or maybe a health food shop?

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        "I don't think the US has cornered the market on salmon patties"

        Although maybe they have. if there's no demand from we Brits (and I suspect that will generally be the case) it'd be a bit surprising if soemone had taken a sufficient punt to make batches and sell them frozen to outlets such as small grocers or health food shops. Might be worth a try at your nearest decent fishmonger, I suppose.

    2. What is the difference between a salmon patty and simply buying a salmon fillets and keeping them in the freezer? Fresh salmon fillets are available in nearly all UK supermarkets, and those with fish counters will probably sell wild ones (I suspect if you could buy patties here it would be farmed as wild would seem like a waste). They are pre-prepped, and thus quick and easy to cook.

      I understand why beef or lamb are different in burgers rather than steaks, especially when you add a bit of fat for flavour/texture and/or work the meat (as in kebabs) but I can't see what added benefit salmon in a patty has over a salmon fillet. There isn't much wasted meat on a fish so I can't even see the economics.

      1. Why not try Whole Foods Market? That or Waitrose would be my best bets for London shoping.

        1. UK Costco branches stock them.

          1. Thanks, Nancilee5 and Nanette. Have checked Waitrose but Whole Foods is a brilliant idea. Nanette, do you know if I need a business license to shop at Costco in the UK? If I can buy a regular card here, I will check them out this weekend. Any chance you remember what brand they stocked? Thanks, again.

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              It is their Kirkland brand. I'd suggest an email to make sure they have them in stock before trekking out. If you have a US card, you can use it in the UK. If not, you have to have a business or belong to one of the specified profession, details on their website.

              1. re: nanette

                Just by the by, I can't see the "specified professions" on the website. Anyone any idea what they are (I'm not holding my breath here as I'm assuming "retired clerk" is not one of them)?

                1. re: Harters

                  Civil Servants, teachers, academic employees, chartered this and that, and people with their own business.