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Mar 26, 2010 05:00 PM

la Movida, Battersea (Spanish)

Hi Chaps,

I'm a big fan of Spanish food, which is remarkably like British food in some ways (well, they have black pudding for one thing. And chips). So I visited La Movida in nearby Battersea, which is attracting favourable reviews on londoneating. I hardly ever go anywhere I haven't been before these days, so this was an event.

It's a fairly traditional style restaurant, and even on a Friday evening very quiet. However the food - starters and tapas - was good, very good in fact - if you go order at least two portions of the spicy broccolli, which even my broccolli-hating son loved. And an excellent fiery chorizo. The desert menu was of the "Hawaiian Surprise" variety, but with a few home cooked specials (I had a very nice crepe). Can't remember what the bill was except that it was very reasonable. Unfortunately La Movida isn't near any major transport hub (Clapham Junction is nearest, about 15-20 minutes walk away, and frequent buses). It deserves a wider clientele, however.

Oh, and on the Iberian front, I've also been to Silva's, a Portuguese restaurant in Hampstead, a few times. Very traditional Portuguese food - you don't really need a menu - but good; the starched napery is attractive, and the service more or less perfect. And the Zimbro 2005 Red is an absolute corker. Pop in after an invigorating walk on the Heath.

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  1. excellent!

    i cant wait to try the portugese restaurant - don't you think it deserves a separate post?

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      You're right, Silva's does deserve a separate post. I had meant to do that ages ago, but was too lazy. I had passed it once or twice previously and more or less ignored it - the sort of above average cost restaurant you typically see in areas like NW3. It isn't radical stuff at all, very old-school Portuguese, but none the worse for that. My wife was very pleased, and my dad delighted. It has a comfortable ambience, and is a good place to unwind.

      You must try La Movida though (I would avoid the deep fried mozzarrella sandwich though; it must have a million calories).