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Mar 26, 2010 03:29 PM

WE'VE GOT SCACCIATA! Wednesday and Friday -- South Side Market (Middletown, CT), Route 17 near Jackson Chevy

What a happy find! South Side Market, under new ownership as of the last couple of months, is selling scacciata: broccoli 'n sausage and potato 'n cheese. My mom brought over a generous piece of broccoli 'n sausage today: gorgeous, egg-washed light crust, spicy filling, generously studded with sausage. It was a very tasty treat and at $3.50 a square, is a decent portion to call lunch. We split it, then hit the New Haven taco trucks (that's a separate post!).

My heart will always belong to D&S (my all-time favorite favorite) and to Marino's on Ferry St., but South Side is truly delicious and will be my next best thing for now. I'm truly psyched I can run down the street for scacciata again. If you know of better scacciata in the local area, tell me where to find it (it isn't Pattycakes in Rocky Hill--not for me, anyway). Meantime, see you at South Side!


First two slides in this photo series are of this beautiful piece of pie:

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  1. kattyeyes,
    I'm lost as to where this South Side Market is. Towards the end of South Main? My father-in-law makes some of the best scacccccccccccccccciataaaaaaaa I've ever tasted, no contest, the best! I look forward to trying.


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    1. re: raskolnikov

      Hi there, it's right next to Jackson Chevrolet, diagonally across from McDonald's...across the street from the plaza where Jerry's Pizza is now. Now give me your father-in-law's address--just kidding! ;)

      Jerry's Pizza
      635 S Main St Unit C, Middletown, CT 06457

    2. Excellent find K!!! I'm gonna have to make a pilgrimage there. Mozzicato's in Hartford has good Scacciata, but it's not "family" approved. ( I give you credit for knowing how to spell it, I would have butchered the spelling with skachada)

      1. PLEASE NOTE!
        If you want to pick up a piece or two, this is a WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY deal.
        HOWEVER, you can special order a whole scacciata (12 pieces) as follows:

        $35 for broccoli or potato (price will vary by a couple of $ to combine ingredients)
        $38 sausage


        I'm gonna bug them the next time I stop in to see if they'll be adding spinach to the roster.

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        1. re: kattyeyes

          Excellent! Thanks so much, I've really been missing this. Can't wait to make the trek!

          1. re: dennisl

            I've NEVER heard of this. I googled it and it looks like a cross between a stuffed bread and a calzone. Is that correct?

            1. re: joan mar

              I guess you could think of it as a calzone (sans ricotta) or a giant stuffed bread, but more like a big, stuffed Sicilian-style pizza. We would get them whenever, but often the "eve" before a holiday, esp. Christmas. So psyched to have these back in town, you have no idea.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                It's funny you mention holiday's in relation to this 'cause it's only on Christmas Eve I ever see or taste it. Okay, maybe on Christmas 'cept it's not the same and I want eggs and lox and all we's got is leftovers! About the 27th I'm really wishing for you know what!!! Leftovers!


                1. re: raskolnikov

                  Wish I had read more thouroughly before I made the trip on a Saturday, they were out.
                  I consoled myself with one of the best cannoli I've ever had, though!

        2. Hello again. Today they served up spinach and sausage scacciata. I grabbed two pieces and a cannoli and headed for my mom's.

          Scacciata tugs at my heartstrings a little. Growing up in Middletown, I never realized other areas didn't offer this Sicilian specialty--I just took it for granted, and up until maybe 6 years ago when D&S closed, my hometown did scacciata right. So what I'm trying to say is--I really WANT to love South Side's spin on this, but having eaten it today with my mom and her boyfriend (who is 100% Sicilian), I have to tell you, I'm gonna pass on this going forward.

          As Jim correctly pointed out, the bottom crust is too moist (truthfully, it was soggy) and not like pizza dough should be. There appears to be no garlic in the filling. There is also no cheese. It looks good from the top and is fine in a pinch, but if you long for the days of old when Marino's was the best game in town, or D&S in later years, this won't quite live up to your expectations.

          Also, I was shocked the cannoli we had today was really subpar. I asked and learned it was filled fresh that morning. The ricotta filling is from either Mozzicato's or Patti Cakes...gotta tell you, I love cannoli from Mozzicato's...this didn't taste anything like it, so I'm not sure what to say. It almost had a sour taste to it--it just wasn't good. And at almost $3 a pop, I won't make that mistake twice. What a bummer.

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            Funny you posted this today, I was there Wednesday because I had an appointment in Middletown. At 3:30 they were almost out, I got the last piece of potato and sausage. I was not impressed. I have had scacciata since I was about 9 (my stepather's family is Sicilian, from Middletown) and even Pattycakes was better to me! (gasp) While I don't remember cheese growing up (?) the potatoes had been sliced thin and seemed like they were from an au gratin, and were crispy. No garlic, barely any sausage, crust was too thick on mine.
            Though last time I was there I had a cannoli which I thought was great (different recipe?)

            1. re: dennisl

              HA HA! I tried to grab a piece Wednesday and there were only a few picked-over pieces, so I made a special effort to get there early today.

              I don't remember if Marino's had cheese. D&S definitely did.

              I really love Mozzicato's cannoli, so I can only guess that was a bad batch of filling, but I'm in no hurry to try again. Especially since someone recently brought me back a box of cannoli from La Fiorentina in Springfield...those are my absolute faves, hands down.

              Anyway, so we are in agreement--I had a nostalgic moment, but this ain't the scacciata we remember. Sorry for the false alarm. :)

          2. Kathy,
            glad to see everyone is still eating Scacciata in Middletown--I used to teach at Wesleyan and lived in walking distance of D&S. Scacciata was my favorite, but I remember D&S making a potato and broccoli version and then a spinnach version, and both came with sausage, oils and spices.
            You don't have any idea what that recipe was do you? I recall the bread on the D&S was thick pizza dough but I don't recall they did an egg wash? Do I remember incorrectly.
            Love Scacciata and would love to introduce it to my friends down here in Dallas---a fer cry from Middletown, Connecticut; from our perspective there's no such thing as Southern Connecticut.
            So D&S is no more? Right? Loved that stuff, and leftovers in the fridge the next day were as good if not better than when we got it fresh!

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            1. re: tomsemiterrific

              :) Yes, but not like the ol' days, sadly. D&S and Marino's will always be the VERY best...don't recall an egg wash, either. I really do wish I could replicate their scacciata or even just their dough for that matter. So hard to scale down a recipe from a commercial kitchen, tho'...and, no, no recipe hints here. I'd say get the best dough you can, don't be shy with the garlic, spin up some Sinatra on the stereo and see what you come up with. I love and miss it, too!

              ETA: Hey, look what I found. But I've got no interest in putting in mortadell' or any other cold cuts in there. :) He's doing it more like a non-rolled stromboli, but clearly, you could roll with broccoli, spinach, potatoes...(OMG, he said off the chain, HA HA HA!)...a jump-off point for ya:

              Merry Christmas from Melilli's sister city! Ah, you got me all nostalgic now...

              1. re: kattyeyes

                As a Southerner there's not much I miss about the north---but there were a few things. One was D&S, which is not really northern (unless scacciata comes from northern Sicily??). The other thing I miss is the Good Harvest food co-op and its great atmosphere. You remember where it was, only a stone's throw from St. John's, just before the bridge over the Cromwell?
                They sold a white, New York cheddar there, very dry and crumbly, which tasted amazing––the best cheddar I've ever had, AMAZING. I've not been able to find it elsewhere. Of course, at the food co-op the cheese, room temperature, was cut off the big wheel by you and weighed by you––very cool.
                After i wrote you I found the youtube vid myself. That's a real addition. A year or so ago I looked on the web and found almost nothing about this great dish. Not attracted to all those cold cuts--what he's doing reminds me a little of a muffaletta that is so popular down in New Orleans. But, right, no problem substituting all good veggies that went into a D&S.
                Personally, I think Scacciata is superior to pizza, and if you created a series of scacciatas to fit all sorts of tastes there's no reason you could not create a chain of restaurants specializing in scacciata that would become wildly popular––it's just a matter of exposure, and that means advertising and great scacciata with a lot of filling variety to match a range of tastes.
                Give the restaurant some real ambiance that reminds people of Sicily and sicilian culture and I think you'd succeed, even in this crappy economic climate---scacciata is perfect for it; that broccoli, sausage and potato filling is the ultimate comfort food everyone looks for in terrible economic times.

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Made a pretty successful scacciatta tonight...but far from D&S standards. Potatoes must be fairly well cooked before going into the oven---otherwise, you're faced with a choice: get the potatoes done at risk of burning the bread, or have perfect bread with under-done potatoes.
                  Think next time I'll sautee thin slice potatoes in olive oil, with garlic salt and some rosemary.
                  No laying. just lots of broccoli well blanched in garlic salt water until med. soft, lots of cheese (my favorite so far is parmesan, other italian spices, sauteed onions and the potatoes, mixed altogether, with some anchovies, olives and roasted red bell peppers.
                  Again, not orthodox D&S, but moving toward personal perfection I'd be proud to serve to my friends...and maybe, even my enemies.

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    Oh yes, instead of sausage I found some italian spiced ground turkey (about 7% fat)---brown it like ground beef for spaghetti--it comes out great---excellent spicing, no lack on the taste side and much better for you than the high fat sausage.
                    Any suggestions on the cheeses?

                    1. re: tomsemiterrific

                      Really nice going, guy...if they split this thread to Home Cooking, don't be alarmed--I see you're new here. ;) Re cheese I'm a pecorino romano girl all the way, but do think there was mozz in that scacciata, too, no? Along the lines of your ground turkey, Public Market downtown (remember?) makes a killer chicken sausage, which I love. I like the idea of thinly sliced potatoes with rosemary, too--that I would actually try, though I was never a fan of potato scacciata (the whole double starch thing).

                      Did you make your own dough or buy from a favorite place? Wish you had photos to share--you're inspiring me to try to figure this out, too! And did you add crushed red pepper? I am POSITIVE that s/b in there!

                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        No, I actually grilled the peppers and removed the skins, placing them in small strips throughout the other ingredients---they were a super additional taste/texture. Think I'll do more next time. I think I'm going to have to surrender and steam the broccoli (in salted water!) and make sure potatoes are well cooked before going into the oven--I recall D&S veggies were very well done, with lots of oil (olive oil), so all ingredients were moist but not watery.
                        I used store bought dough. Just no patience to do the pizza dough recipe--someone good at it would make it better--but not me. I wish I had better dough and will have to look around to see what I can find--but I ain't going to make it.
                        Yea, I think the Rosemary (lightly) and well seasoned potatoes will be a good thing--didn't to it this time. (One potato suffices for the meal). The Rosemary, if you don't over do it will be a delightful surprise, but Rosemary, like cloves, can take over pretty easily and there is a thin line between "just right" and too much!
                        Yes, I think there was parmesan in D&S, but more. I'm going to get some of the romano.
                        People worry about saving money--the scacciatta is perfect for it; make it, eat your fill, cut into serving portions, wrap in foil, take it to work and you have a complete meal for lunch; hard to beat--and no fast food can do it.
                        I think the turkey sausage with italian spicing is excellent for this dish--and easy to prepare. with low-fat cheeses like provalone or parmesan and all those veggies and olive oil you've got something that is much healthier than the fast food so many squander $$ on for lunch. Thanks for the cheese recommendations. Sure wish I could find that NY Cheddar the Good Harvest used to sell---wonderful. And Deaf Smith Peanut butter; awesome.
                        Anyway, I think proportions are important here for success: about three times more broccoli than sausage seems about right to me. I wonder how a few olives and anchovies would go? both in limited amounts might be great---they're sort of like Rosemary and Cloves; super, but they take over easily.