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Mar 26, 2010 03:22 PM

What else do you use your george forman grill for?

Paninis and those prepressed frozen burger pattis. That's it.

My grill has a top lid that does not stay up so what ever I am cooking will be squished. I tried bacon once but I prefer the oven. It's pretty underutilized but I do like what else can I use it for? Anyone?

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  1. i got rid of my Foreman years ago, but i used to use it for pretty much anything you'd consider throwing on the grill....with varying degrees of success. given that your lid won't stay up, i'd avoid anything delicate like whitefish fillets or scallops, but there are a lot of other things you can do successfully with the lid down:
    - marinated veggies - portobello caps, zucchini slices, eggplant slices, onion slices, peppers...
    - chicken breasts
    - shrimp
    - frozen waffles
    - turkey or chicken burgers
    - pork chops or tenderloin

    you might also consider propping the lid up with some sort of heat-safe rod or bar or something to sidestep the squishing problem.

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    1. boat anchor? Seriously I have one of the large ones and never use it.

      1. I use mine all the time. If I want a vegetable side for dinner I diagonally slice some squash or zucchini, toss them on an olive oil sprayed grill and season them with chili powder or cajun seasoning and let them grill about 5 minutes. I'll do the same thing with frozen fish when the zucchini’s done. Toss a frozen fish filet on the hot grill, sprinkle with seasonings and then unplug it and in a few minutes the fish is thawed and cooked from the residual heat. My mother's made breaded chicken strips and mozzarella sticks since they don't have to be turned or moved. I've grilled asparagus, onions, cheese burgers, steaks, pork chops, brats (store bought and hand stuffed), and pretty much anything I've done on a large grill except ribs. If your lid's too heavy and squashing delicate foods try putting something firmer in there to hold it up like a couple of slices of potatos cut to the thickness of what you're protecting. They take a bit longer but they're tasty too.

        I might have to try the waffle trick...

        1. I don't own one, but I think you can use it to fight crimes.

          Seriously, I don't see what it can do that a normal stovetop cookware cannot. I had an electric open grill and never quiet get that either. Again, it is really just me because I know these electric grill are very popular, especially the George Forman, so they must be useful for many people.

          While at it, George did ok for himself with this grill. I bet he earned some good cash from it.

          1. You can use it in a yard sale or as a gift to someone with fewer pieces of kitchen equipment. ;-) That's what I did with mine...after I got a Cuisinart panini press, I never could stand that GF grill again.