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Mar 26, 2010 02:16 PM

Going to wander in Jackson Heights and sample different Indian dishes / snacks. Suggestions?

A group of us are heading to Jackson Heights to look around (in the snow, I fear) on Sunday and are looking for suggestions about where to stop in for especially interesting / authentic / delicious Indian food. Suggestions about restaurants and dishes needed.

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  1. parantha at raja sweets, check out hte supermarket across the street from nanking.think about going to 37th rd for tibetan.

    1. 73rd street near 37th avenue is much better than 74th street; plenty of snacks in the markets, the restaurants; there is one place that I haven't fully explored, I believe it is named Haat Bazaar, it's across the street from alauddin's sweetmeats and the right side is a grocery/fish market while the left side is a restaurant with a ton of fried goodies and multiple biryani's; I would hit there for sure and please report back! karahi and grill, kababish, and tawa, all on broadway, continue to be good, maharaja for a chaat (tired of rajhbog); shangri-la express looks perfect for a snack. do some trailblazing and report back!

      Jeff, you mean Apna Bazaar? I love how they are right next to Subzi Mandi, makes for great produce shopping; they don't have too much in terms of to-go snacks; wish they were more like the chinese supermarkets with their to-go sections up front.

      if its snowing, you might not want a kulfi to go but those are always good; found in any of the markets or right on the street, you'll see the ice cream freezers on the sidewalk.

      Subzi Mandi
      72-30 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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        classic, unreplied post from the alphadog (and a followup from 2005) that is talking about Haat Bazaar, the place which is half biryani house and the other half fish market/produce market.

      2. Follow-up: Thank you, responders.

        We found fabulous chaat at Bombay Chaat --73-19 37th Rd. (between 73rd and 74th Sts; good grocery shopping at Patel's. We couldn't find the Haat Bazaar -- the "Haat market" at the location described below seems to have turned into a clothing / electronics store.

        Too chilly for kulfi, alas.

        Went to the Jackson Diner because....hmm..can't remember. Won't do that again. Nothing rose above the level of 6th Street curry row in Manhattan.

        We'll go back on a day more comfortable for street eating.

        Jackson Diner
        37-47 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

        Haat Bazaar
        37-11 73rd St, Queens, NY 11372

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            I should apologize. I should have told you not to go there. that's the first thing natives usually tell people coming to little india. also, I forgot that I did an ambassador program there

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              that sounds like a very cool program! I'd love to participate, I'll look at the ABOUT again and see how. very cool!

            2. re: jgruman

              oh! I will go there very soon and get the exact whereabouts of the biryani house / fish market because I know it's still there; I get my boxes of mango from the right side market and usually get my produce from there too, just about two weeks ago so I know it's still around; just a case of bad directions/info; sorry!

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                Speaking of mangos...isn't almost Alphonse time?

            3. Has anyone been to Nanking Express on 37th Ave? It specializes in those Indian versions of Chinese dishes (Which I love). It's a little pricey for the neighborhood, so I wanted to get some feedback before I tried it.

              Also, has anyone tried any of the three (!) taco trucks right outside the Roosevelt Ave subway stop under the subway tracks?

              1. chicken makhani-delhi heights
                falooda-shaheen sweets
                gulab and other sweets-al naimat
                kulfi-any of the indian supermarkets or even lottery stores in that area.