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Mar 26, 2010 10:04 AM

Seeking Great Brunch in North Suburbs

I have been residing in the North Burbs of Chicago for nearly two years now -- am getting bored with limiting my weekend brunch escapes to Walker Bros. Does anyone have any recommendations for very good weekend brunch/buffets in the North Suburbs (Evanston, Glenview, etc.)? Would love to indulge in great quality smoked salmon and bagels.

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  1. In my list below, I'll include links to the brunch menus on their websites, where available.

    Allgauer's, in the Northbrook Hilton, has a sumptuous buffet brunch. If you're into buffets, it's the nicest in the area. Not cheap though. www.northbrookallgauers.com/sites/def...

    The only other buffet brunch I've been to in the area is Miramar in Highwood. I thought it was just okay, nothing special. www.miramarbistro.com/resources/pdfs/...

    Some places are doing special buffet brunches just for Easter (such as Prairie Moon, see below). For more info on, and links to listings of, Easter brunches, see the topic at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/696175

    A lot of places have a la carte brunches and some of those are quite good.

    Prairie Moon in Evanston serves an excellent brunch. In addition to their normal a la carte brunch on Sundays, their upcoming Easter brunch sounds great, with a $19.95 buffet that includes mimosas, all the usual breakfast dishes, savory items like crabcakes and cedar-planked salmon, etc. Their main website is www.prairiemoonrestaurant.com and they have the Easter brunch menu posted at www.networthmanagementcorp.net/newsle...

    Bar Louie in Evanston serves an a la carte brunch that's surprisingly good, especially for a place that I think of as more of a bar than a restaurant. www.restaurants-america.com/uploads/d...

    Convito Cafe & Market in Plaza del Lago in Wilmette serves a very good a la carte brunch. www.convitocafeandmarket.com/cafe/bru...

    There are two places in Evanston where you can get a Cajun style brunch: Dixie Kitchen ( www.dixiekitchenevanston.com/brunch.html ), and Davis Street Fishmarket ( www.davisstreetfishmarket.com ). I like Dixie's better. And if you don't mind crossing the city line, Big Jones in Andersonville does a great Cajun Sunday brunch. www.bigjoneschicago.com/brunch.html

    Brunch at Bravo! in Evanston, the Italian restaurant where Wolfgang Puck's used to be, was reasonably good. (They also have a location at the Glen in Glenview.) www.bravoitalian.com/brunch.html

    Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook serves brunch. It's pretty good. Very noisy though. www.prairiegrasscafe.com/index.php?pa...

    Lucky Platter in Evanston serves from their normal breakfast and lunch menus. www.luckyplatter.com

    Orange, the breakfast restaurant with multiple locations in the city, just opened a location in Glenview. They have interesting pancakes including their "flights" of four different pancakes with a common theme; they also have "design your own" fresh juice blends. Their website is at www.orangerestaurantchicago.com and right now the website has a coupon for 20 percent off on weekend brunch at the Glenview location.

    Bistro Bordeaux, the new French bistro in Evanston, just started serving brunch; I haven't had brunch there yet, but dinner is excellent. www.lebistrobordeaux.com/bb_assets/BB... The other two French bistros in Evanston also do Sunday brunch: Jilly's Cafe www.jillyscafe.com/brunch.htm and Jacky's on Prairie www.jackysonprairie.com/brunch.pdf

    The Happ Inn, Carlos Nieto's new restaurant in Northfield, serves brunch; I haven't had brunch there, just lunch, but it was excellent. www.thehappinn.com/menus/Happ_Inn_Bru...

    Later in spring, when the weather gets warmer, Jerry's in Winnetka will resume its Sunday brunch. Jerry's was named by the Tribune as the best French toast in Chicago, and it's really as outstanding as they say. www.cornercooks.com If you enjoy French toast, you may want to check out the article, as it also reviewed the French toast at Convito Cafe, Lucky Platter, Big Jones, and Orange. You'll find it on the Tribune website at http://chicago.metromix.com/restauran...

    That ought to give you a few ideas! (Nothing wrong with Walker Brothers though!)

    1. what do you have that is close to Norridge

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        Blossom at Lawrence and Cumberland does a nice job with brunch.

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          There's also a location of the Original Pancake House (same franchise as Walker Brothers) nearby in Park Ridge.

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            If Park Ridge works then also consider Cafe Touche (although I think it's technically Edison Park). Very good and bottomless mimosas/bloody marys, if that matters to you.

        2. Three new brunches have just started, at Ten Mile House (Evanston), House 406 (Northbrook), and Taste on Chestnut (Winnetka), as noted at http://chicago.eater.com/2015/3/4/814...

          1. You can also try Omega Restaurant in Niles. They have several Greek diner type dishes in their breakfast menus.