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Mar 26, 2010 09:56 AM

Would Love To Hear From You: Mc Loone's in Sea Bright A Wedding Venue???

My daughter and fiance are planning their wedding and have decided on McLoone's. My husband and I are sharing the bill. Have you been there lately? Have you been a guest at a party/wedding there? My own experience is that the place could use a facelift and the luncheon entrees are way overpriced. Help!

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  1. Hello husband and I were married there in 2003...but we have been back recently. I am a vegan so they have been very accomodating but I did find the menu pricey. I do like going there for a drink, the view can't be beat. The banquet staff and chef were wonderful to me and my husband. I thought they did a great job but I can't comment too much on the food. All of my guests said the food was great, but we had an open bar and I can't vouch if people were being polite or honest as far as the food went. Our wedding was a brunch but I would think the room would be dark (yes, it needs a facelift) if you were planning on having the reception at night. So, apologies for rambling but I would give Mcloones high marks for service, location and view but I would maybe suggest looking at other venues before deciding. Best wishes and good luck!

    1. Last time I was at McLoone's Sea Bright was towards the end of last year - went for Sunday brunch. It was actually really really good - one of the better brunches I've had in this area.

      1. Jerseygurl - Rum Runner in Sea Bright is our "go to" place for special occasions whether it be a quite dinner for two, or a brunch for 30. Their food is wonderful, the staff is experienced, polite and knowledgeable and of course there is the view! Although I have not hosted a banquet there, I have attended several and found it to be enjoyable as well. Congrats to your daughter and her fiance!

        1. For what it's worth.

          Over the years we have been to countless affairs in the area. Some have been grand and some have been modest. Still , whenever we get an invitation that tells of an upcoming affair at McLoone's we cringe a little. As much as I appreciate all he does for the area, I have never been to a wonderful or even very good party at McLoone's. The food is always mediocre and the venue is not inspiring either.

          For our over the top affiar near the water recently we chose the Ocean Place Hilton and it was spectacular. But, whatever you decide, all the best and congratulations.