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Mar 26, 2010 09:52 AM

Highland Park, Fresh-Made Tortillas, Al Pastor?

About six months ago I happened upon a taco table on York Blvd. in Highland Park, right around Ave. 55 or 56. They had a great set up, with al pastor on a spit topped by a big pineapple. Best of all, they made tortillas to order. The tacos were delicious. Went back again and they were just as good.

Since then I've tried to go back a few times and haven't been able to find this table. The trips are never a failure, as there are plenty of great taco vendors in Highland Park. But I really want to find this stand again.

So, does anyone know what happened to this taco table, featuring al pastor, pineapple, and, most importantly, fresh-made tortillas? Is it still around and I'm just going at the wrong times? Have they moved? Or have they disappeared altogether?


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  1. I think you're talking about the outlaw set-up that was in front of the tire shop on York & Nolden (near 56). If so, it's been gone for quite awhile and have not seen it anywhere else.

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    1. re: slowrider

      You may be right--I do seem to recall that it was right by a tire shop.

      If it's not around, does anyone else know of any other taco stands that make their tortillas to order? These were just so good...

      1. re: terwilliger

        The truck that is now parked at the tire shop serves handmade tortillas.
        There is an outlaw cart set-up that is usually located on York & 56 outside the produce place that makes them on the spot as well.