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Mar 26, 2010 09:44 AM

Meat-free Easter dinner ideas

We are eating lots less meat these days, which I'm finding pretty easy to do most of the time.

For Easter, it will be just my family- husband & 2 small children. I would love some suggestions for a meat free, Easter dinner. We have access to amazing eggs & are still also using dairy products. I love to cook & would like some special ideas. We don't have any food allergies, thankfully, and we are all pretty adventurous eaters. I make home made pasta about once per week, but am willing to try a fun ravioli or other filled pasta for something different than linguini with whatever's in the pantry & fridge.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Start with beet-pickled deviled eggs which will be the appropriate color for Easter. You can celebrate the return of Spring with smart vegetables. Beyond a classic pasta primavera, I might go for gemelli with asparagus, boursin and lemon or pea and mint ravioli with a parmesan brodo. If you have access to morels, definitely go for those in an umami-rich cream sauce.

    1. What about a pasta with salmon and vegetables?

      1. Meat Free- are we talking nothing with a face.

        I would recomend things like Risotto with wild mushrooms and asparagus,

        1. I would think a quiche would be a perfect Easter food. Fill it up w/ veggies and cheese with a simple salad along side.

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              Along similar lines, a vegetarian friend of mine has a yummy-looking recipe for a mushroom-greens torta that might do the trick:

            2. Since you are still eating some meat, I would suggest that you include it for holiday meals. It makes them a more special occasion, and ham or lamb are traditional Easter main dishes. If you don't want a whole ham, Honeybaked Ham stores sell quarter hams and also by the slice. Their sliced turkey breast is also quite good. On the lamb front, if a whole roast is too much to deal with, braised shanks are wonderful.