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Mar 26, 2010 09:14 AM

Burger or Mussels at Monks

Going to Monks tomorrow. Never had their food and was hopeful that someone could tell me what the better option is? Thanks.

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  1. Mussels. Hands down - no question. My fave is the Thai Curry style - ask them to spice it up a bit, but they're all fabulous. If you are a big eater or are with a dining companion that doesn't mind sharing plates, you can start with their duck salad, and you will have perfection, my friend...

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      Great! Thank you for the recommendations. How are the Pomme Frites?

      1. re: doxiemom

        mussels for sure. i feel like there's no competition. and it's a total deal since you get the terrific bread and fries along with it

      2. Mussel!!!, but I have a hard time deciding which flavor