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Mar 26, 2010 09:10 AM

Burkes Seafood, Quincy

I've been a fan of Burkes for many years. I enjoy the seafood market, and buy all my shellfish and fresh fish there. They also do a brisk busines for their fried clams, fish & chips etc., and opened up a small dining area about a year ago which seems to be doing well. So, I just wanted to let everyone know that they have just recently been approved for a beer and wine license and you will soon be able to have a glass of wine with your broiled haddock or steamed lobster.

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  1. Decent quality, low value.

    1. We do all of our fresh seafood business with Burke's. Always top notch. Much more than decent quality. All seafood is expensive. I'm not sure I know what low value means as pertains to Burke's. Have never bought anything precooked.

      Fried clams? Hingham Lobster Pound is my favorite.

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        I think you get a small portion of decent seafood for a fairly high price at Burke's. However, the last time I ate there was two years ago. I routinely bought medium and large shrimp from them for 5 years, up to 3 years ago. I think Moulton's and even Yankee are better options. Just my opinion. I like Hingham Lobster Pound's lobster roll.

        1. re: Guinness02122

          I get it. They are expensive, but convenient to where we live. Maybe we've been lucky, but it's always very fresh. Had flounder 2 days ago from there, and it was delicious.

          1. re: CocoDan

            Right. I live about a mile from the place and worked about a 5 minute walk from there. I went many times from the late 90's to early 2008.

          2. re: Guinness02122

            I'll agree the prices are a little high, but I definitely believe in the quality. Most times I'm shopping the market and cooking my own, but last night I did get a lobster roll with o-rings for $14. It could have used a little more lobster, but then I thought $14 was somewhat cheap compared to say Legals where a roll runs around $22.

            1. re: Pegmeister

              I should try Burke's lobster roll. I never had one in all the times I went there. How does Burke's compare with Tony's? I think Tony's is in the good category, but expensive (I think north of $17 now).

              1. re: Guinness02122

                At Burkes you can have it on either a baquette or toasted hot dog roll. The lobster is lightly dressed in mayo, no celery etc. I have to admit when I first looked at it, I thought the amount of lobster was rather skimpy, yet it really was more than enough, and the lobster was nice and fresh. I give Burkes a bit of an edge over Tonys. Also, as much as I like Tony's, especially for fried clams, I've found that their onion rings are more like onion strings and usually fried a little to long for me. Prices for fried seafood seem to generally run around the same at Tony's, Burkes and the Clam Box.

                Clam Box
                789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  Funny - i went to Tony's for the first time today. Your description of their onion rings is spot on. I'm not sure they should really be allowed to call them "rings"...since none of them completed the full circle. And yes overcooked - wish I got the fries, they looked pretty good.

                  Had the clam roll from Tony's - it was ok. Got a sandy one to start, but the rest of the roll finished strong. Would have liked a buttered, grilled roll - but it was fine. Glad I finally tried the place, Clam Box (or maybe Burke's) is next...

        2. Just recently discovered Burke's (shame on me). Have to give it top marks for being local and fresh. We need more places like Burke's to deliver us from the less than adequate super market fish counters.