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Mar 26, 2010 08:29 AM

Special dinner in Rome and then Venice...

My 17 year old daughter and I are foodies and will be in Rome for 4 days in April. On our last night I would like to splurge and go someplace special. Any thoughts? After Rome, we will be going to Venice and meeting my husband and 14 year old son. I have some old favorites in Venice (Al Covo, L'Incontro, Corte Sconte, Vini da Gigio and Dalla Marisa); however, it's been some time since I've been to Venice and wonder if these restaurants are still good. Would appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance.

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    1. I would recommend Agata e Romeo for a splurge in Rome and Al Fontego dei Pescatori in Venice. The latter is not really a splurge, as it isn't outrageously priced. The fish is amazing and priced accordingly.

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      1. So glad to respond--we just returned from Venice, and because of previous disappointments I researched possibilities. We were really happy with the food we found. The first wonderful experience was serendipity--we were lost in the Castello area--easy to happen at night. We went into the charming Osteria Oliva Nera and had a superb meal--so good we returned again. Another favorite was Osteria Boccadoro. We went for lunch after visiting our favorite church, Santa Maria de Maracoli--be sure to have a map! We returned there again for dinner. We also went to the well regarded Vini de Arturo--good, but not as good as others. I found a blog called by a foodie from Singapore who loves Venice--lots of good suggestions there. Warning--prices are about 150% of what we paid for comparable meals in Florence.

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          So glad that you enjoyed venice! Appreciate your reply and advice.