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Mar 26, 2010 08:05 AM

Lentils Du Puy [Detroit]

Does anyone know where I can buy Lentils Du Puy in the Detroit area? From what I've read the package should be marked A.O.P. to indicate they're authentic and not an imitation?

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  1. Good luck with that. Metro Detroit grocery stores are about 20 years behind the rest of the country. I have been looking for them for years, with no luck. I haven't found anything more than a dusty bag at Kroger, filled with sickly lentils from god-knows-where; probably Mexico, like all of the produce in the state, as well.

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    1. re: BoomerHater

      Boomer, is there ANYTHING about Detroit you like? Did you get corporately relocated or something and you just hate it here??

      I've found Lentils Du Puy at Holiday Market in RO, Whole Foods, and maybe Hiller's.

      1. re: coney with everything

        I guess you can say I have been relocated. Definitely against my will. After three years, I have simply found the area feeling about 20 years behind most other regions – in terms of quality, availability, selection, passion, interest, location. Maybe it has to do with being stuck on the East Side. In other regions of the country in which I have lived, I was accustomed to walking 3 blocks to house-cured meats, not driving 50 miles to Mexican produce, so the process has been trying to say the least.

        1. re: BoomerHater

          > I have been relocated. Definitely against my will.

          FWIW; whenever I see a new poster on Chow ... I give'm a Google/DogPile ... and
          as a result - almost - did not reply to your initial post(s) ...

          > customed to walking 3 blocks ... not driving 50 miles to Mexican produce

          You can find most things within 15 miles of the RenCen. If you have not yet found
          Eastern Market, give it a try ... and the RO farmers market. Otherwise; just ask ... lots
          of knowledgeable/helpful folks here.

          > so the process has been trying to say the least.

          I've been relocated so many times, it makes my head hurt. Frankly; my life is too short
          to suffer in any locale because of a "job." I was relo-'d here ... and have stayed
          because it is good for my hobbies & interests.

          1. re: rainsux

            Thanks for the encouragement. I think I just need to accept the fact that it's not New York (or Portland, Seattle, SF, etc.). I never even drove until I moved here, so it's a bit of a lifestyle 180º. Glad to hear that another transplant has learned to settle down.

            1. re: BoomerHater

              OK, here we go...wisdom of age here :)

              I was a military brat, moved many times as a kid. I lived in Germany and knew plenty of people who hated it there because it wasn't the US--wouldn't see what was so wonderful about being in the middle of EUROPE, FFS.

              If you look on the Seattle board, there are plenty of people who crave NY pizza, Lebanese food, delis, and good bagels, all of which we have in Detroit (well, maybe not REAL NY pizza, but Detroit-style pizza is its own thing and damn good too)

              They don't have lake perch either...and we do, They have awesome seafood, but lake perch has its charms

              Forget decent hot dogs (and I have family near SEA so I know whereof I speak)

              Every place (with the possible exception of Ohio--LOL, Wolverine and proud here) has something cool and unique.

              To come on these boards and disparage EVERYTHING about this area out of hand because it isn't some other place, not cool.

    2. I have bought them recently at the whole foods on maple & coolidge (Troy, MI) in the bulk section. No AOP designation but they worked and tasted like ones I have had in France.

      1. Hampshire Farms at the Royal Oak Farmers Market has them, although they're local and not imported. I find them to be delicious.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Seriously? They are just green lentils. I'd love to have a taste off between an AOP bag and a bag of just green lentils to see if I could tell the difference.