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Mar 26, 2010 07:58 AM

Valencia - Are many restaurants in closed Easter Weekend? Where to find paella for one?

I am going to Valencia over Easter and was wondering if many of the restaurants are going to be closed Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

I was in Madrid 3 years ago over Easter and while the shops and museums were closed except on Saturday, we had no problem finding restaurants and bars that were open. But a friend who lived in Valencia several years ago told me the city pretty much shuts down from Holy Thursday - Easter Monday. Is that still the case? Am I going to have trouble finding places to eat - as the pension I'm staying in doesn't have a restaurant.

Also I'm now travelling by myself as a friend had to cancel. Is there anywhere you can get paella for one? I'd hate to miss out on Valencia's most famous dish

I got the list of restaurants from previous posts but if there's anything new, let me know.

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