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Mar 26, 2010 07:51 AM

Moving to Minot

Moving to Minot, ND, and was wondering if there was anyplace in the area that was worth noting. So far, it seems as if the most recommended places I've found are a home cooking place and a truck stop. Certainly a town of 40,000 souls would have something beyond a Petro stop.

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  1. There isnt a ton of options, I havent been there in a while but live and own a restaurant in Bismarck, where there is some great local places, but there is a decent asian population and even a asian grocer i think in Minot.

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      Saw the Asian grocer near campus. Will likely hit that first week in town. If not, thank God for Amazon Prime.

    2. You would *think* that would be the sister lived there for 3 years. I'm a foodie through and through and for three years worth of visits - the pickings are pretty slim.

      The Rolli-n-pin may be the home cooking place you're referring to...not far from the airport. OK breakfasts.

      You can get local beef at the grocery store and there is a farmer's market starting in July -

      The most upscale restaurant in town is Ten North Main - - my sister ate there a few times and said it was ok.

      I thought the Bagel Stop & Book Nook had the best coffee in town - and pretty close to real bagels (for Minot standards.)

      I'm not dissing Minot -- it's totally ripe for a foodie revolution! :)

      1. Pickings are slim here, if you don't like chain restaurants. There is a Thai place near WalMart, but it's not really any better than DIY. Grocery stores are severely lacking in organic produce. There are couple of decent breakfast joints, and if you like ludefisk, then you'll be in heaven.