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Mar 26, 2010 07:08 AM

Balestrate (near Palermo)-- any surprises?

Hi there. I have the fortune of visiting Sicily in June for a few weeks and am staying in Balestrate, a small town between Palermo and Castellamare del Golfo on the coast. I will not have a car.

I understand that Balestrate is fairly touristy and has a couple of bars/pizza shops and at least one supermarket, but I am wondering if I will find any good "homey" places to eat or shop for food. I am arriving in Palermo and hope to get some basic supplies there first, and I will definitely return at least once for oil, wine, and other treats, but am hoping to have some good local options as well, especially for produce. I am also considering a taxi into Alcamo if Balestrate really has nothing.

Has anyone been?

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  1. Hi!!! Dont worry:)) It's a lovely place. I were there a few time. You can find not only one shop- few big supermercato and a lot of shop with meet and fish, vine and oil. I recomend you buy a vino in big supermercato. If you want to treat Sicilian fish or good pizza you can find everything on central piazza.. If you have an opportunity to move to Castelemare del Golfo its 15 min by car, by train 10min(but after 2 km before city)- there you can find special shops with oil and natural tasty cheese, fish close to port. Dont think that is very easy to find a taxi there:) If you want to go somewhere I recomend you to go to Jafar cafe on central piazza in Balestrate and ask them to pick up you in Alcamo. a lot of people from alcamo usually visit this place. so:)) have a good rest