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Mar 26, 2010 06:22 AM

Whitefish salad...........

Can you get it in the Boston Area and where?
I'm used to Zabar's so no processed food versions will do.

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  1. If you are used to Zabar's, I fear you are out of luck. You could try the Russian Food Stores Bazaar, Berezka etc.

    1. Buy a whitefish at Berezka, add mayo, a smidge of onion, maybe some celery... viola whitefish salad.

      1. I welcome all of the skepticism that this recommendation will garner, but as a child of New Yorkers who has spent many a car ride home from NYC with a cooler full of corned beef, pastrami, bialys, pickles, nova and whitefish salad, you have to trust me when I tell you this.

        We continue to bring all of those items home from every trip to NYC with one exception. We now get our whitefish salad at Costco. Yup, Costco. Seriously. The big chain store. Not some little Jewish deli coincidentally called Costco. The big box store. Try it. No, seriously. :)

        I just Googled "costco whitefish salad" and found this rave along with pictures and additional details:

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        1. re: BJK

          I have the same cooler!!
          Thanks for the Costco tip. Is it worth a membership as I don't have one.
          I always thought if I could open a Katz's Deli in Brookline I'd be a very rich woman!

          1. re: holldoll

            Probably not worth a membership for whitefish salad alone, but I suppose that depends on how much you like it. Certainly cheaper than driving to and from NYC. :)

          2. re: BJK

            The Costco brand is from Brooklyn - Acme Smoked Fish It's not at every warehouse, for some reason. Name is Blue Hill Bay. It's delicious.

            1. re: lergnom

              Interesting; I've seen Blue Hill Bay seafood at Market Basket...Can't remember if they had the whitefish salad; I actually got some pickled salmon in a jar that was pretty tasty. certainly good quality...

              1. re: galleygirl

                North Andover Market Basket carries Acme whitefish pieces as well as premade Acme whitefish salad. Other Acme and Blue Hill Bay items as well.

                1. re: sqboo

                  Is this the MB on 114 just south of I-495?

            2. re: BJK

              Ditto on Costco. It's f-ing delicious and makes my jewy heart go pitter pat.

            3. Walnut St Market in Newton Highlands has fabulous whitefish salad, among other yummy things. Will check out that Costco tip though -- I've bought a whole whitefish at Costco and it was terrific.

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              1. re: GretchenS

                The 1st time I got whitefish salad at the Walnut St Mkt it was delicious. The 2nd time it was chock full of bones. I never went back.

                1. re: catsmeow

                  How very off-putting! Thankfully I have not had that experience.

                2. re: GretchenS

                  The Whitefish Salad at the Walnut St Market is the most fanstatic Whitefish salad I've ever tasted. A very close second is that at Rein's Deli in Vernon CT or Springfield MA (both 90 miles and 90 minutes from Boston).

                  1. re: lipoff

                    That is the exact same statement I was about to post. I would call Walnut to make sure they have some before you head over. I've learned that heartbreaking lesson the hard way...several times.

                  2. re: GretchenS

                    Was scrolling down to the bottom to chirp about Walnut St. Market, but am instead in good company. Good bagels, great whitefish salad - but yes, call ahead so you don't schlep for nothin'.


                  3. My Costco in Nashua started carrying whole smoked whitefish last month, it was very good.