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Mar 26, 2010 05:58 AM

Best beer to go along with Chinese food?

Hey everyone, do any of you know the best beer to go along with chinese food?

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  1. I like a pilsner or wheat beer, they are both light and won't overpower a seafood or light noodle dish. You probably can't go wrong with Kirin or Sapporo, but I'll usually grab a locally made beer if there are some available (I would recommend something if you wanted to say where you are). Something like a Stiegl, Sierra Nevada Glissade, Sam Adams Noble Pils, or Three Floyd's Pride and Joy would be a good choice in my opinion.

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    1. re: Shaggy

      You have any idea where to get them in Shanghai? My Chinese friends only know TsingDao!

      1. re: EstherLin

        try Zhujiang beer while in China. Not the best ( I personally dislike Chinese beer even if I'm from china), but better then most i guess...

    2. It all depends on the style of the food, of course, but in general I'd agree with the lager/wit strategy. I'd expand beyond pilsners into some other lager styles, though, maybe a bock. You could also go with a saison, like Hennepin or Dupont. For cantonese style, I might break out a Hitachino Nest white. If you're having Szechuan, you might want something that would stand up to the heat and spice: a pale ale or an IPA, perhaps

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        Agree here! IPA or even a Double IPA (San Diego Pale ale!!) with Sichuan food.

      2. Really depends on the food.

        Witbiers are always a safe bet.

        1. I like the Thai beers like Singha or Chang, especially if it's spicy food.

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            I would definitely agree with the suggestion of Singha. I also really enjoyed Hennepin with southeast asian food. I personally don't care for Chang much, but I do enjoy Beer Lao Dark with asian food (mostly Thai/Lao food). I realize these cuisines are not Chinese, but in general the same type of beers would go well with Chinese cusine also.

            1. re: mrgeocool

              I agree that Sahtea is a tasty drink, but I couldn't imagine eating anything with it - much too big and busy. For me, it's a giant bottle of desert.

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                Just wanted to suggest something other than a plain yellow beer, which, in my opinion, doesn't go with Chinese food at all. I don't think Sahtea is too big or busy for a craft beer enthusiast to enjoy, and I don't think it's very sweet at all. If you order Sesame Beef or Sweet and Sour Pork the food will be sweeter than the beer.