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Mar 26, 2010 03:54 AM

Need Your Help: Have A Car For One Night To Go To A Special Dinner. Which Restaurant?

I need some help with what restaurant to chose for a special and one time only opportunity dinner. Me, my best friend and his sister who is driving up from Santa Barbara for just the weekend of April 10/11 are looking to celebrate a lot of things with a very nice dinner. My friend and I live in SF(done all of the good ones here) and don't own cars, so this is an opportunity to be able to travel outside of SF for a nice dinner.

I am debating a couple of restaurant.*First off, I called French Laundry about a week ago and got on the waiting list for anytime either Saturday or Sunday(I already know that it wont happen) so I thought of others. Here's my question, we now have reservations to Cyrus on Saturday night at 9:30 but I am wondering if that's the real next best choice.
Right now I am still torn between Cyrus and Manresa.

If you had a car to take you to one bay area restaurant what would it be?Any thoughts?

Others I am debating/would you recommend before Cyrus?:


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  1. We've eaten at all four of these. Redd and Bouchon are nice, but a level below Manresa and Cyrus. Between Manresa and Cyrus, if you're looking for a special dinner, I would go with Cyrus. I thought the food at Manresa was good, but service was woefully lacking. At Cyrus, they were extremely attentive, and the caviar and cheese carts are very fun (in a special way).

    1. Are you thinking of a trip to Sonoma/Napa with dinner or just dinner & are you planning to drive back same night? Redd was very good but not "drive up to napa for dinner" good.

      1. By the way Cyrus is now open for lunch on Saturdays. Healdsburg is also a lovely place to visit.

        1. My vote would be Cyrus. I have had some really special meals there, and Healdsburg is a great place to walk around. Not all "fancy," just great wine country atmosphere.

          1. I don't own a car either, and one place I've been thinking of trying if I ever had my hands on some wheels is Meadowood with Chef Christopher Kostow.


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              That would be my choice as well. But I think Manresa would be the "second-only-to-French-Laundry-if-that" option.

              Manresa Restaurant
              320 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030