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Mar 26, 2010 01:26 AM

Help -- in London now with teen son -- need two dinner places and lunch

Not very prepared for a last minute trip to London and Paris -- in London now with only Zagats -- which is proving quite unreliable! Need two not too fancy restaurants for dinners. Went to mediocre Indian last night at Saloos. Staying near Sloane Square. Don't have a car, but can taxi places. A little jet lagged at the moment, so any help appreciated. Favorite not too fancy places within taxi distance?

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  1. If you could be more precise about the kind of place you'd like to be eating, I'm sure the board will do their best. Also if you specify where you're from then you won't find yourself, if you happen to be an italian for example, being recommended pizza.

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      thanks. we are adventurous and enjoy good food. my husband is a chef, so our tastes are sophisticated. just don't want fancy and elegant becuase are traveling with our son. He is a foodie too though!

    2. You and the kids might enjoy Ishbilia, a very fine (but not too expensive) Lebanese place not far from Sloane Square by taxi. It's over near Harrod's. There's a lot to choose from and the food is really delicious.

      For some reason, all my visiting relatives with teenagers find they enjoy Belgo (there's one near Covent Garden). I think before 6 they have a special price... good chicken, moules and very nice Belgian frites. The waiters dress like monks.

      1. Shame about Salloo's. The food is normally excellent, but it can be a little quiet.

        Anyway, about three minutes walk down Lower Sloane Street from Sloane Sq. gets you to Caraffini which is a decent Italian. In nearby Holbein Place is Como Lario, which is a livlier and less smooth Italian, but very enjoyable. Pizza Pomodoro in Beauchamp place is perfect for teenagers, with live music every night. I'm taking four of them there next Tuesday for the Elvis impersonator!

        Also, The Star Tavern in Belgrave Mews West does good "Pub Grub", and is pretty much a perfect example of a good London pub.

        Agree with zuruga1on Ishbilia (William St.). I may take my lot there on Monday.

        1. Nearby, you could try:

          - Breakfast / brunch / drinks at The Botanist (on Sloane Square).
          - British gastropub fare / pizzas at The Orange (Pimlico Road)
          - Excellent hot chocolate and sweet treats at William Curley's shop on Ebury Street.
          - The Cadogan Arms (gastropub), Kings Road.
          - L'Art du Fromage, new cheese / fondue restaurant on Langton St

          This link may help:

          If you like Vietnamese food, I would strongly recommend a trip across the river to Mien Tay in Battersea for a very reasonably priced and authentic lunch/dinner.

          (A short walk from there is the rather lovely Draft House for a pub lunch / Sunday roast).

          If there any cuisine types you had particularly wanted to try, do let us know.

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            i cant recall the name of the place but there is a restaurant opposite the Bluebird on the kings road that my little brother used to love - i havent ben but it had ladders you had to climb to get to your table - guessing the food isnt amazing but it is quite quirky, so he may appriciate that? can anyone recall the name?
            Eight over eight is off the Kings Road too - I havent been for about a year bu it was always consistently good service and tasty food whe i used to go - pan Asian style food. The website says it had a fire - does anyone know if it has re opened?
            toms kitchen could be a good call too? it is informal but decent food and a nice crowd.
            or benihana for a teppan table - a bit of theatre for a teenager.
            The Pigs Ear is a nice pub just off th Kings Road.

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              I've been to the ladder restaurant, it's called Buona Sera (The Jam), and fair enough the food isn't amazing, but it's not bad either and it's quite a fun and original place. I'm sure your son would appreciate it!

              Another great and relaxed Italian is Made In Italy, also on the Kings Road. Great pizzas, you can get pizza by the metre, and they've got great charcuterie platters.

              I would also really recommend swinging by Ottolenghi on Motcomb Street (5-10 min from Sloane Square) for delicious coffee and cakes.

              Eight over Eight is shut and hasn't reopened yet. I've walked past it several times lately and there doesn't seem to be any progress, but I might be wrong. The food was so good there, so it's such a shame they had a fire!

          2. al dar, a short walk on the kings road from sloane square, is a superb lebanese counter. their chicken shish taouk (drape it liberally with garlic sauce) is particularly excellent.