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Mar 26, 2010 01:05 AM

Breakfast in Tokyo

Hi all,

Australians love their breakfast out and I have travelled to Tokyo a number of times but have great trouble finding breakfast spots. Last time I was in Tokyo, I had breakfast pretty much every day at the hotel (Claska), which was nice but got a bit similar after a few days. I did go to Viron in Shibuya which wasn't bad but obviously bakery focussed.

I'm looking for espresso coffee, eggs, bacon, etc etc... but all with the wonderful Japanese take on western food and open before 9.

Any ideas or recommendations - or am I dreaming?


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  1. Unfortunately, you are dreaming. Several hotels do nice breakfasts, but to find a restaurant is very hard. Suji's is open at 9am, but only on Saturday

    To make a big generalization, Japanese people are not morning people at all. Almost nothing opens early in this country (shops, restaurant, etc, etc). Eating breakfast out, is just not something done. Finding brunch on the weekend is hard enough - though there are a few good places now, including the wonderful Bill's (from Sydney).


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    1. re: TimJE

      Thanks Tim. Thought I'd be dreaming. Will definitely get myself along to Bill's, as it will break up my hotel breakfast monotony.

      1. re: kersizm

        Bill's doesn't have a branch in Tokyo.

        1. re: Robb S

          But it does now (as of Saturday) in Yokohama, in the Red Brick warehouse. Open from 9 am and very nice too.

          1. re: zaijin

            JT's Robbie Swinnerton reviews the new Bill's (or bills, though I don't think we should be indulging a chef's arrogant disregard for the conventions of our language.)


            1. re: coldicott

              Hmmm. Another reason I'm a 'failed' Australian: can't stand said chef, nor his indifference to grammatical conventions!

      2. re: TimJE

        Agreed, it is hard to find good breakfast in Tokyo. On the other hand, there are a couple of rooms that serve Breakfast with a capital B, we're talking the real deal no joke power breakfast to get you through the day. Not cheap, but World Class. My favorites (in this order) are The Orchid Room at the Okura, Les Saisons at the Imperial (Michelin 1-star) and Girandole at the Park Hyatt.

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          Hi Uncle Yabai (and All),

          Any recommendations for great Japanese-style Breakfast places? Thanks.

        2. re: TimJE

          Ugh. I just cannot like Suji's after eating there at least 3 times. I think it's overpriced and just not worth it.

          1. re: gkanai

            Agreed. Suji's stinks. Crowded, expensive as all hell, and industrial-quality portions of bad glop.

            1. re: Uncle Yabai

              yeah it's true about sujis. i want to like it because i like brunch, but it is outrageously overpriced and you can make similar stuff, but better, at home.

          2. re: TimJE

            Actually, if you qualify Denny's, Gusto and Royal Host as restaurants (these are all very clean sit-down restaurants), all of these places serve your typical breakfast dishes... toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes (hot cakes), sausages. Most of their locations open around 7-8am; Denny's 24hrs for the most part. While their breakfast offerings are not extensive and medicore, I'd still take any of them over IHOP in America.

            You are right that things tend to open late in Japan... even most bakeries don't open till 9 or later. Also, if you're looking for high-end breakfast type places (outside of hotels), those are hard to find.

            1. re: chowmouse

              I went to Royal Host on the recommendation of Monocle Magazine. For el cheapo pancakes it was great. For a nice relaxed morning with a newspaper, not so much!

              Bills is probably the closest to what I am after.

              Thanks everyone for the assistance.

          3. Le Petit Tonneau in Toranomon does breakfast:

            I don't know if they do a "wonderful Japanese take on Western food" though.

            1. If you're in Tokyo on a Sunday, the brunch (classic American brunch but with a twist, not necessarily Japanese twist though) at Beacon is very legitimate. Popular too, so you have to make reservations. Not cheap but very good.

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              1. re: gkanai

                Beacon looks like it could be the type of thing I am after. Will give it a go. Thanks!

              2. Roti Roppongi is your best bet, in my opinion

                If you don't mind spending a bit more, Beacon is also excellent!

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                1. re: deb79

                  I am surprised you are listing Roti. They used to be good until about 2yrs ago and then their brunch changed. I saw the new menu - which was basically the lunch menu - and told them this isn't brunch anymore and walked out. I was really mad, as I had friends in from out of town and wanted to impress them with Roti's lunch.

                  I was at Addis the other day for lunch. Not bad, but not as good as it has been in the past. Still more reasonable than Suji's and better quality. I think Addis shines for dinner more than Brunch.

                  Bill's is still hands down the best in the greater greater Tokyo area and that is great news it will open in Yokohama this weekend.

                  1. re: TimJE

                    I think Roti must have reintroduced their brunch menu - it now includes Eggs Benedict, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, blueberry buttermilk pancakes, spinach-feta cheese omelette, etc.

                    Also in that neighborhood, Lauderdale in Roppongi Hills seems to serve breakfast every day from 7am, with weekend brunch from 8am-4pm.

                2. I agree with the others -- you are dreaming! (especially about the bacon)

                  Scramble in Shibuya, just under the tracks by the crossing, does an OK set of breakfast eggs, should you find yourself in the neighborhood. This site says they open at 9am: I've only been there around lunch/brunch time on weekends though and I can't seem to find any more info on their breakfast hours.