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Mar 26, 2010 12:16 AM

Please, final decision for the Bouillabaisse.

Since I have ask for the info from you guys about where is the best to have the Bouillabaisse in Nice area. I have been given couple of places to explore like Tetou, Chez Nounou, Les Pecheurs but God might be playing with my luck. Most of the places closed on Monday lunch. So now I have only 2 choices left

1. L'ane Rouge, some guys mention that they serve a lot a lot of fish and I'm afraid that I cannot have it all and have that 3-4 hours for lunch...

2. La Reserve de Nice, I saw from their menu, serving the Bouillabaisse and someone said it's fairy good.

Actually, I want to have the Bouillabaisse and my GF want to have another kind of main dishes

So from this 2 lists, what you guy recommend and choose.

Thank you for your help.


Can anybody recomend a place for my dinner in Monaco/Monte Carlo within 50 euro (No Wine) per head.

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  1. We had a great lunch at L'Ane Rouge and recommend without hesitation. However, we didn't have the Bouillabaisse because at least then (November), you had to order it the day before and if I recall it was for two people.

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      yes, you always have to reserve the Bouillabaisse at l'Ane Rouge the day before, but we always get the Bourride, which imho is the best you can get without making it yourself.

    2. Not sure if this is helpful, but a few years ago, my tour group of 28, from Chicago, escorted by a Lyonnaise chef who has worked here for many years, and who teaches French cooking classes, lunched at L'Ane Rouge.

      We met Chef Devillers and greatly enjoyed lunch, although we were served a set menu. L'Ane Rouge is known for seafood, beautiful setting on the harbor. It's hard to imagine anyone not greatly enjoying lunch there. My only regret was not being seated outdoors on the terrace.

      Photos and menus, I believe, are at if you haven't visited their site already. Lunch prices are very competitive, and for those who enjoy a bit of wine, they offer two glasses and coffee for 15 Euros, a bargain.

      I would love to try their much-heralded bouillabaisse, and hope to, however, Nicoise people I know say that 75 Euros per person for two or more is pricey, given that diners in Nice have many wonderful cafes to choose from.

      1. Robynaga, plick up the phone right NOW and call L'Ane Rouge. will speak volumes about why I believe you should do this. But, you must reserve in advance. When we were there a half dozen or more people asked if they could have it and all were told "no." A great bouillabaisse is really difficult to find. This is the best in Nice and among the best on the French Riviera.
        Certainly, worth the trip.

        The E 75 was a bargain. But you MUST reserve it in advance.

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        1. re: Joe H

          I remember that post. That is epic. That meal would be about 100 euro pp in Paris these days if the fish was to be any good at all.

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            I remember that post as well. However, I also remember that someone had a disappointing meal because the restaurant did not prepare the bouillabaisse due to a mis-communication. I was wondering if there are any recent reports aside from Joe's about how they're preparing it? Are people still seeing a 12-fish preparation or the 4-fish preparation?

            If it's still like Joe described, I'd go there in a heartbeat!!