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Mar 25, 2010 11:51 PM

Chocolate Truffle Ideas

I make chocolate truffles and I just love to come up with new ideas for them.

Does anyone have any new ideas for them? Flavors, recipes?

I have done the following:

Dark Chocolate and any liquer. ameretto, raspberry, Grand Marnier (orange)
White chocolate and ameretto
White or dark chocolate and mint flavoring
Pina Colada which is white chocolate pineapple coconut and rum
Almond Joy which is white chocolate, coconut and Almonds or pecans
White chocolate and peanut butter

I dip mine in Chocolate but it requires the chocolate to be tempered. I have a revolation 2 chocolate temperer so it is easy but if you don't you could roll them in cocoa, chopped nuts, coconut or whatever you can think of.

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  1. This sounds weird but it's really quite good. Blue cheese and milk chocolate truffles.

    1. I've made them with cardamom- steep the cream with crushed cardamom pods, strain & then add the chocolate. Once the chocolate is rolled into truffle balls, they get dusted with very high quality chocolate powder. They were delicious!

      1. I recommend you have a look at the website for Kee's chocolate in NYC. They make fabulous chocolates in really great unusual flavors, and it will give you many good ideas, even if some are too rarefied for the home cook.

        1. Just saw Giada make chocolate truffles with balsamic vinegar. They looked good.

          Any chance you've ever made cherry truffles? I'd love to make those but don't have a recipe. I imagine you could just add maraschino cherry juice, but I don't know the proportions.

          1. If you can get your hands on passion fruit puree - reduce it to a thick syrup - mix w/ chocolate and cream for filling and then dip in choc. ... very good -
            I think you could also use passion fruit liquor (Alize) - but the puree has a really intense flavor.

            Coconut would also be good w this!