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Mar 25, 2010 10:25 PM

Mile High Steak House - Glen Mills

Can anyone provide information on this restaurant?

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  1. I considered trying Mile High recently when I saw I could buy a $25 dining certificate for $2 on But then I looked at their menu online and I thought, "No way!" Even with $23 off, the prices were outrageous. Glen Mills is not Philadelphia or New York City, where you'd expect prices to be high. $39 for a strip steak? $38 for a veal chop? Not for me, thank you.

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      I did go to Mile High to see what it was like. The atmosphere is nice and the food was well presented and tasty, but you are right: the prices are outrageous. You can eat out at a few places for the price of one meal.

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      1. Went a while back. Not bad. Atmosphere inside is much nicer than one would expect from the outside. Service and food very good. Worth it with the coupon.

        1. We went last night to celebrate my birthday. Yes. the prices are a bit steep, but the food was Excellent and the drinks seemed to have a good pour..including the glass of wine we each had.

          What really caught my eye was the line-up of appetizers. My wife had oysters. They came with 3 different sauces. I had a special.a lobster "trio" A lobster revioli that was tender and flavorful, a tempura lobster tail with a ginger sauce and a broiled tail with a lemony sauce. Outstanding.

          The Sirloin steak and Rib-eyes were cooked to perfection and very tasty with a more than ample portion.

          Dessert was a beignet covered in a sauce with some fruit added. We shared it.

          The amibience was great for a cold winter night. I'd go back again, but most likely sit in the bar area and nibble on some of their other appetizers

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            Happy Birthday, FCF! Glad to hear you enjoyed Mile High. Would you say it's on par with the likes of Ruth's Chris, Mortons, etc.?

          2. To be honest..........I find the ambience in RC, etc a bit pretentious. This was a little more low-key...and you get green beans and a baked potato with your order. There are other sides if you want them. The selection of meat is less than those places, but they age them for 21 days and take pains to cook them the way you desire. The waitress actually waited until we cut into them toi make sure they were to our liking. Prices are probably 20-30% less than RC and Mortons.although I have not been in one of the latter in about 5 years

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              It sounds like they're doing a lot of things right. I might just be tempted to try it for myself.

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                Just be prepared for the price......two entrees, two appetizers, two call brand drinks, 3 glasses of wine and dessert and the tab was $180 before tip. Admiittedly our choices were top of the scale, but it was a house pinot noir.......very good i might add