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Mar 25, 2010 09:39 PM

Brive La Gaillarde?

I have a hunch this might a somewhat obscure request - but it never hurts to ask. I will be in Brive La Gaillarde for a few days in May, and wondering if anyone knows anything about the dining options there.


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  1. Do you have a car?
    If you don't, that's grim. Once I had to take a train to pick up a rental car in BlG. The rental agency was closed for an 2-hour lunch. we were stuck in a village with nothing to see, just an unattractive resto with an unattractive menu.
    If you have a car, it changes everything. BlG is surrounded by many of France's most beautiful villages with many good restaurants and fermes-auberges. The ferme du moulin de l'huile de noix outside Martel leaps to mind...

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    1. re: Parigi

      I agree about the car; it's a great area to toodle around but few eating opportunities and the only time in France when 14h00 was too late to dejeune.

      John Talbott

    2. We had a pleasant traditional meal at "La Truffe Noire" in the centre of Brive a couple of years ago. Also found a fantastic knife shop on the main shopping street. It is not such a gastronomic desert as it seems Look at:

      for some comments about local restaurants.

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        Le Bistro du Boucher in Brive is not a bad option. Atmosphere is ersatz turn-of-the-century bistrot/pub, and it isn't haute cuisine, but there are a variety of prices and specials. It caters to local business people at lunchtime, so you get the "local flavour" in more ways than one.

      2. It's been 20 years since I was there, but I had a very nice dinner at l'Hermitage, a pleasant surprise in a rather unpleasant town (we were originally planning to stay there 2 nights but rearranged the schedule after one). I am not sure it still exists, but if so it may be worth checking out.

        1. Looks like I'm too late to reply for you, Sam B. But for anyone else who happens to end up in Brive, the distillery there is fun to visit. We were there last year, and spent a while tasting all of their liqueurs, flavored with things like juniper (Gignac) and verbena (Obazine).

          They're intense flavors, and mix well in cocktails. We brought a few bottles back. It's called Denoix: