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Mar 25, 2010 09:32 PM

Seeking Root Beer Popsicles in Calgary

Anyone know where I can find root beer popcicles? Haven't had one since I was a kid and I can't seem to find them anywhere....

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  1. Wow - haven't had one of these in a while. If I remember correctly (and it has been a while), the last time we bought them, they were part of a variety pack. I need to do some major shopping this will keep my eyes open for you.

    1. I just did a quick internet search and it looks like Root Beer popsicles still exist but they are only sold as a multi-pack (w/ Lemon Lime & Banana). To make matters worse, it seems like you can only buy this multi-pack in the US. I hope I am proved wrong as I am now seriously craving one of these!

      1. I have not seen these for years but If you find a source please let us know!! I think though only way too get them is too make your own .

        1. I've found Hires root beer freezies at Superstore. They're mixed with Grape Crush and Dr.Pepper in the big box in the seasonal section. They're ok tasting.

          1. It may not be a popsicle but you should try the Presiden't Choice rootbeer icecream. So good and only $3 for a container.