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Mar 25, 2010 08:12 PM

Frozen Artichoke Hearts??

Does anyone know where I can find frozen artichoke hearts here in DFW? The canned/ jarred ones are getting old. Thanks!....

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  1. Good luck on that and if you find them, please post back. I was in search of same a few months ago to no avail - but only looked at major grocery stores - WF, CM, Mkt St, etc, and those were limited to my area of Grapevine and close surrounds. Perhaps some of the specialty stores in Dallas?

    1. Kroger carries frozen artichoke heats in a bag. You can use as many as you need. Not fresh, but not bad.

      1. Thanks! which Kroger did you find them at? I know Trader Joes carries them, but unfortunately we do not have one. Yet anyway.

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          I found them at the Kroger at the intersection of Marsh and Beltline.

        2. Good news! I just called Market Street and they have them! Now I can make my Giada recipe :)

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                I recently cooked with CM frozen artichokes. At the Dallas location they are in the part of the frozen food section immediately adjacent to the dairy.