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Frozen Artichoke Hearts??

Does anyone know where I can find frozen artichoke hearts here in DFW? The canned/ jarred ones are getting old. Thanks!....

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  1. Good luck on that and if you find them, please post back. I was in search of same a few months ago to no avail - but only looked at major grocery stores - WF, CM, Mkt St, etc, and those were limited to my area of Grapevine and close surrounds. Perhaps some of the specialty stores in Dallas?

    1. Kroger carries frozen artichoke heats in a bag. You can use as many as you need. Not fresh, but not bad.

      1. Thanks! which Kroger did you find them at? I know Trader Joes carries them, but unfortunately we do not have one. Yet anyway.

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          I found them at the Kroger at the intersection of Marsh and Beltline.

        2. Good news! I just called Market Street and they have them! Now I can make my Giada recipe :)

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                I recently cooked with CM frozen artichokes. At the Dallas location they are in the part of the frozen food section immediately adjacent to the dairy.

            1. I know you said no canned ones, but have you tried the archichoke bottoms that is available at Jimmy's? They are AWESOME. Nice and meaty, and don't disintegrate coming out of the can/jar.

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                I've seen those at Jimmy's. I'll have to buy them next time there.