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Mar 25, 2010 07:17 PM

The perfect gift for a budding Foodie

I'm really struggling. My boyfriend lives in a different state and doesn't really cook. However he likes to try new things and loves all foods. He says I can never go wrong with food since he'll enjoy it and it won't clutter up his place. I'm trying to think of an appropriate Birthday gift for him.

Now if it's food that requires cooking, I can make it for him, but I have to be able to procure it by April 2nd when I go down to see him. He appreciates all spirits but loves bourbon. I don't want to get him liquor since he has a very full bar and the last bottle of cognac I gave him for Christmas is still not open. I don't want to send him any premade gift basket with any sort of pretzels, popcorn mixes, processed cheese, or dipping sauce. (About 99% of any gift basket I see on-line.)

Any suggestions?
I thought about Caviar but I have given him that before. A case of Main crabs? Eh.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Some really great olive oil--or an assortment of fine olive and nut oils.
    Prime steaks.
    Berkshire pork.
    Foie gras, if he's a foie gras eater.
    A cassoulet kit from D'Artagnan. (The D'Artagnan site is a great source for all kinds of high quality (and not gimmicky) foods.)
    Williams-Sonoma croissants are evry good. (They used to have a croissant "club"--every month or so, a different selection of croissants.)

    1. Nothing says "I love you" like a big vat of frozen duck fat! What a luxury!

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        Or even a small vat! And D'Artagnan sells it.

        I think it would be easy to put together a specialized "basket." Check DiPalo's site:

        They can customized an order. Even things that aren't on their website can be available if you have some specific things in mind.

      2. Dinner at a nice restaurant in his area--ask on the local boards and find a romantic place. Then, I love the idea of the croissant dough, for breakfast. If it were my husband, I'd find some specialty bacon and coffee to go along with it.

        1. Consider a cheese-of-the-month club. I have used iGourmet in the past and the fun part of the "of-the-month" club is that you get a surprise each month. It allows you to try things that you wouldn't have normally picked up and find some new favorites. Their cheeses were very good. I believe Murray Cheese Shop in NY also does something similar. It isn't processed cheese.

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            Make up your own basket with oils, vinegars, cheese, crackers, beers, and bourbon. And just for fun make up a batch of cookies or something he loves that he can keep in the freezer. I had a friend who loved my burritos so I made up a batch and individually wrapped them and put them in a container in her freezer with cooking instructions and a batch of salsa in her fridge.

            Nothin' says I love you like home made.

          2. Some really nice ideas, I may do a combo. Nice dinner at his favorite place in town and gift basket.

            I'm really digging the cheese of the month gift... but that can be Christmas. ;)