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Mar 25, 2010 06:01 PM

One night in Newark...amazing dinner and great bar for later.

we will be staying at Newark airport hotel on the Monday after Easter, and I have been reading all the posts that say go to "Ironbound".... is this my best bet for a great meal in that area? We like everything,,,,,,, (but one member of our party is vegetarian). also my bf needs to find a great bar to watch the basketball at after dinner....???ANY IDEAS???
Every time I go on a trip Chow hounders have helped me find the meal of my life!!!!!!!!THANK YOU !

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  1. forget ironbound potuguese food is a very very minor artform
    take a quick cab to harrison less than 10 minutes away
    go to mr nino's across the street from wendy's in the strip mall on bergen st
    forget what it looks like
    you will have two of the best pizza in the world particularly the sicilian with garlic cooked with basil and then topped with it
    their fish is wonderful and their staek italiana is not to be missed
    also have a small sercive bar but a huge projection screen tv eat in the dining room not the pizzeria part
    do not go anywhere else
    ok if necessary go to seabra's rodizio on mccart catty corner to the neark bears stadium just a tv in the bar but also a sushi bar as well as a nice salad bar as well as brzilian rodizio
    tell them marty sent you at nino's and if you treat me for dinner i will play cabby with my suv

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      Thanks it sounds amazing, but Italian is the one thing I do not want, as I work at a Italian place 6 days a week lol.

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        find the time one day to go to Mr Nino's it will change your way you think about pizza.
        Truly one of the greatest places in America and super nice people.

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      1. I have been reading about the tapas places....???

        1. I've only been once, but it was last month--Mompou is a tapas place just a couple of blocks down Ferry St right behind Penn Station (you could take the train from the airport)...

          And I'll have to agree with Beerweezil on a couple of points: there IS some very good food in the Ironbound (I'm a fan of Seabra's Marisqueiria, Casa Vasca, and Adega Grill--all very different places), AND you really want to go sit at the bar at McGovern's to watch basketball--just know that will require a cab ride, albeit a short one, and it's a GREAT bar. A GREAT bar. The real deal.

          ETA: I thought the food at Mompou was (overall) very good--esp the hangar steak! Nice vibe, too. Also just realized you're talking about being in town on Monday--make sure these places are open, esp the day after Easter!

          Casa Vasca
          141 Elm St, Newark, NJ 07105


            Adega is a lot of fun. Since I am super picky :), last time I met a friend here and we had a few different plates between us and we enjoyed it. I can't help you with the basketball part, they do have TV's in the lounge, usually with soccer on, but who knows, maybe basketball wiill be on!

            If not, once you are on Ferry St. there are so many places to go to, and that area is fairly safe.

            Have a great time!!!

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