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Mar 25, 2010 05:14 PM

Casablanca in Warrington

Has anyone been there? We are trying it out on Saturday night and hear good things. Eight courses for $27 and bellydancers sounds fun!!

Just wanted to hear anyone's experiences!



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  1. I've been, a number of years ago. There is a similar place in Dresher, PA called Little Marakesh. We found it to be much more fun with 4 or more people. Even though they put generously-sized towels on your lap (you will be eating with your hands), I would advise against wearing anything that you can't afford to have stained on the front, or anything with sleeves that can't be rolled up & out of the way. I'd also advise against filling up on the very yummy bread too early in the meal. You will need bread to help scoop up the food as you eat, and if you go too heavy on it up front, you will be too bloated to get up and join the belly dancers (grin).

    It's expected that you tip the belly dancer(s) by tucking folding $$ in their costume, so come with a supply of dollar bills. It's not a sexual thing, so tipping is OK from both sexes.

    Make sure you BYOB!!

    1. Hi Jen. Casablanca is amazing. I have been there for many special occasions over the years as well as everyday dinners. Definitely go with an appetite and open mind. The food is authentic and plentiful. You will meet others as it is lounge seating and you should BYOB.

      The bellydancers are great and always encourage people to try to it, especially if there is a group celebrating a birthday or anniversary, etc. For the price, it is more than reasonable. I am actually headed there next week to celebrate my birthday!

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        Thanks for the helpful info! I will bring some dollars (and wine, I'll need it! ha!) and will report back later this weekend!

      2. great place, very entertaining, lots of fun and fun food. A BYOB