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Mar 25, 2010 05:13 PM

Twelve days in Vienna in June

Have looked at some posts re Vienna but most seem to be a few years old. We will be staying close by the Stadtpark and thankfully have an apartment with a full kitchen . Would love some tips re shopping, of course the Naschmarkt, but is there a supermarket chain along the lines of Monoprix in France stocking reasonable wine, beer, cheeses etc. Is raw milk camembert available (the really smelly delicious type)? Any suggestions would be most welcome, also will eat out a couple of times, schnitzel, tafelspitz, wurst etc. Will the famous asparagus still be available in June?

Hopefully will be having several day trips - so anywhere interesting, please let me know.

Thanks, Margaret

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  1. Well, you can get raw milk camembert and other cheeses from France and elsewhere at every Billa ( and Spar (, and also a really great selection of beer and wine.

    For more tips please look more carefully at prior posts in this forum, and come back with more detailed questions !!

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      Thank you Sturmi. Sorry, I had posted this in the International Forum before I saw the similar requests and answers for kukaburra. Will be more diligent in future!

      1. re: Mooball

        Well, maybe my hints for kukaburra are not all you want to know, since these chowhounds wanted to eat no meat or fowl but appreciated fish and definitely looked for germknödel...

        I would suggest that you make a board search for my Vienna related postings of the last years, and then we discuss in detail what you want to eat. You can do a detailed "all boards" search for postings with the topic "Vienna" by user "sturmi", and will find dozens of interesting threads.

        The scene in Vienna is quite lively, and many places - mainly expensive high end restaurants - have closed last year, but even more - and inexpensive ones - have opened at the same time, and most visiting chowhounds agree with me that it is worthwhile to roam through Vienna for interesting chow...

        1. re: Sturmi

          Vienna is ridiculously great. I would say that if the dishes that we had at Rudi's, Restaurant Sperl, and Phoenixhof were indicative of the rest of the menu I'd say do not miss them. And DEFINITELY go to Wieninger in Stammersdorf. A fabulous place!