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Mar 25, 2010 04:45 PM

Long shot but where to eat in Yellowknife???

I will be heading up to yellow knife in a month or so and was wondering where to eat. Price is not an issue and I want a unique and awesome meal involving different game meats. It would be even better if they had a tasting menu with all kinds of things in it.

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  1. YK has some excellent food You have to try Bullocks Bistro in the old town for superb fish and good caribou. Le Frolic, Le Heritage (both French, excellent and expensive as hell), Diamontes (very good Italian). Fuego very good continental food. There is a tapas restothat has some really good stuff too (I forget the name but if you ask about the resto in the Bowling Alley - yes the bowling alley, same building, no connection - you will find it). The Vietnamese Noodle house is excellent (better than most in Edmonton actually). That's a start. I travel to YK all the time so ask away if you have other questions.

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      Thanks! yea looks like i'll be going up there perhaps regularly from now on. I like trying new things and had caribou once and thought it was the best meat everrr. Can't wait to try it again.

    2. I have spent a lot of time in YK and I have to say the food quality can be suspect, the service most places is really not good, and I am glad you aren't too worried about price.

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        Oh I can't disageee more. I have found the service in YK no better and no worse than anywhere. I eat out ALOT and in YK probably 5 of 6 times a month and they are completely average on the whole. Bullocks is supposed to be rude...part of the character. ;-)

        Yes, it is expensive.

      2. You might want to post this on the BC/Territories page.

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          It is on both boards, but no one in their right mind will go to the BC board for the NWT. I made this point unsuccessfully to the Board administrator. I have not seen many (any actually) foodies familiar with the NWT or Nunavut on anyboard but this one and that is mostly me! The powers that be seem to believe they know better than me though. I recommend posting NWT or Nunavut questions here not BC...I rarely go to the BC board. Someone in control may eventually correct this error, but given their current intransigence, I doubt it.