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Mar 25, 2010 04:25 PM

Brothers BBQ in New Windsor, NY

OK is no one going to talk about this place? I can't find any threads. I was on the road the other day for work and stopped in to Brothers BBQ in New Windsor, NY. As soon as you walk in, the smoke-filled shack lets you know you're in for a treat. The guys behind the counter were as nice as could be, very helpful and made some great suggestions. Anyway, the ribs were huge with tons of meat falling off the bone. Probably the best I've ever had. The mac and cheese was great. A must try for any BBQ lover.

Brothers Barbecue
2402 State Route 32, New Windsor, NY 12553

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  1. Had lunch there today, by far the Best BBQ in the Hudson Valley and very reasonable.
    2 Brisket sandwiches an order of Rib ends and 2 Ice Teas less than $15

    1. I'm glad you guys liked this place. I always pass it but I'm hesitant to go in because the other barbeque restaurants up here suck. I will definitely try it out!

      1. Had a brisket sandwich... meat had good flavor, not too smoky. My only nitpick was that the bun was a bit on the hard side... I'll be back when I'm nearby...

        1. My wife and I just visited this place. Wow! Excellent BBQ. I know my BBQ, and I love it, so I know what I'm talking about when I say this is gourmet level BBQ. We tried ribs, pulled pork, and the brisket. All were excellent, with subtle and great flavor, and all very tender. Excellent texture to the meats, moist, and they just fall apart under the fork.
          We will definitely be back.
          One comment already mentioned that BBQ in our area is usually bad. Brothers BBQ is exceptional. Try it.

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            For those of you reading this (three year old) thread, keep in mind that Brothers BBQ has been out of business for almost three years while reconstructing after a fire. The reconstruction turned a small, mostly takeout, inexpensive BBQ joint into a much larger, sitdown, waiter and maitre d', expensive meat restaurant. I tried it once after the reopening and haven't been back since. It may be pretty good, but a bit too pricey for my (admittedly plebian) tastes.

            1. re: georgeb

              I was trolling the boards and ran across this. I live in Texas and find waiters at a BBQ place disturbing, and a maƮtre d' downright scary.

              1. re: georgeb

                Great BBQ I will definitely pay for. My only alternative is to get on a plane and fly south.

                1. re: gwoolum

                  as ryanallday points out, no need to get on a plane. Big W's is very good and a trip to nyc these days yields good bbq.

            2. I wouldnt call it the best in the hudson valley, sure it's good but not better than Big W's.... I'm sure round up bbq in cold spring would give it a run, and we now have bbq Red coming into the picture in wappingers. "The Hudson Valley" is a vast region, lets not forget about all it has to offer us!