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Mar 25, 2010 04:18 PM

three nights in center city

Staying at the Marriot on Market street for a 4 day conference. Would love good, interesting food but am on a budget. Any suggestions around center city. BYOB is fine.

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  1. The Reading Terminal Market is next door and Chinatown is all within walking distance. Between the two, you can eat very well on a budget.

    For "interesting" I'd head down to 9th Street to Rangoon for Burmese cuisine. I hope you have friends along to share a bunch of small plates.


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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      Thank you for the suggestions. Our budget is not that tight and I was considering Branzino and Parc for two of the nights. What do you think? Rangoon sounds like we would make it very international. Any specific restaurants in Chinatown that you would suggest?

      1. re: jersey potter

        I'd skip Parc, it's good but not that special and it's overpriced unless you want to pay for atmosphere instead of food. If you want to eat something while taking in Rittenhouse Square, buy a gelato from Capogiro on 20th St and eat in the park.

        I'd consider Kanella (Cypriot) or Modo Mio (creative Italian) instead, both have great, interesting food, are BYOB, and are excellent values (Modo Mio would be a cab/subway ride, but their $33 4-course menu is one of the best deals in town). Zahav, an upscale Israeli restaurant with liquor license, has a great 3-course menu for $36 every night. For something casual and with alcohol, Zavino pizza and wine bar is good, cheap, and close to the hotel.

        1. re: barryg

          Agree with barryg. Modo Mio is well worth the cab ride. Get reservations now if your four days include a weekend.

          1. re: JanR

            thanks for the reviews and suggestions. If we head to Chinatown, any suggestions?

    2. Agree with skipping Parc - it's good, but not outstanding, and very pricey being a Stephen Starr joint. Branzino is however one of my favored Italian BYOBs, along with Melograno. Chinatown is a good pick to stay on budget - Rangoon is a great suggestion, I'd also throw out Vietnam Palace as it's one of my faves and very, very reasonable. Matyson is a BYOB which has weeknight 4-course tasting menus for $45 - a great deal.