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Best Frozen French Fries (moved from L.A. board)

Having recently read an article that revealed that Thomas Keller uses frozen french fries from a food supplier (Sysco Imperial French Fries to be exact), I was wondering if anyone knew a place in the Los Angeles area to get these French fries... or at least a high quality, frozen French fry that is worthy of praise and comparable to a traditionally cut version from a reputable restaurant. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE: adding link to article...


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  1. Does Keller then re-fry them?

    1. I was very impressed with the Garlic Fries at Trader Joe's.

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        I am hoping to learn something new from this post. But I too am a fan of TJ's garlic fries. Especially at 11:30pm after too much wine.

      2. Interesting CH readers always diss Sysco and Keller is using their product.

        Only ways you're going to find out who uses their fries is from Sysco and I don't think they'll tell you or someone at an LA restaurant ktichen comes forward.
        Good luck.

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          Sysco buys from the same people that you buy in the store. Sometimes they have access to stuff you can not get. I wanted to buy some Paul Pruhdome andouille and tasso and other than buying direct and paying a ton for shipping Sysco and a couple of other provision companies are the only way to get it.

          , Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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            No need to tell me, tell the OP.
            I worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years.

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              I was agreeing with your statement. Now if I could only get someone with a sysco account to get me some of Paul Pruhdomes sausage!

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                Burger Boy, if you find someone with an account, in addition to the sausage, try the Oscar Mayer, 1/4 lb big beef hotdog, it is AWESOME, big, thick and juicy! You cannot find them in grocery stores they are only sold to restaurants. I am spoiled, no other hotdog comes close to their meaty flavor. Only problem is trying to find a bun that fits!

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                  I just found your bun, it is at Frisco's Baking Co. http://www.yelp.com/biz/frisco-baking... I bought some 10 inch rolls but I believe they have some 8 inchers, make sure you get the soft ones not the sourdough. Room for lots of fixins! PS Someone makes a 1/2lber, they sell the doga WIllie's Chill Grill on Victory near Western or Alameda.

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                    Thanks! But don't tease me. I live in the most "white-bread" area in Central Penn. There is NOT one decent bakery in a 20 mile radius. and Grocery store bakeries just don't cut it. I drive to Phila Reading Terminal Market for bread sometimes. So those pictures "frisco-baking" really looks awesome. Wow! a 1/2lber hotdog! Now that I'd like to see. Thanks for thinking of me!

        2. Surprisingly, the wonderful, garlicky french fries at JAR are cooked from frozen. Not sure whose supplying them.

          Jar Restaurant
          8225 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. Keller uses Private Reserve made by Lamb Weston.

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                Lamb Weston's retail/grocery brand name is Inland Valley but the parent company, ConAgra, doesn't list Inland Valley on their "where to buy" web page. I have no idea if the retail version is comparable to the wholesale, let alone "Private Reserve".

                A Hamburger Today* recently posted a a taste test** between a few types of frozen fries, comparing Ore-Ida and Kroger (Ralph's/Food4Less in LA) brands. Kroger regular fries won out - same quality and taste except Ore-Ida had a a "weird after taste" @, 1/2 the price of Ore-Ida.

                * http://aht.seriouseats.com/
                ** http://burgerdoctor.com/frozen-french...

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                  Private Reserve is a different product than Inland Valley, which is their retail brand.

                  You can buy LW Private Reserve by the case.


              2. Do you want something that you can just heat in the oven, or will you fry them? There are 3 steps to preparing french fries:
                - peal and cut
                - fry at low temperature (cooking the potato)
                - fry at high temperature (giving the crisp outside)

                Since potatoes freeze well, there shouldn't be any loss of quality if they are frozen after cutting. I don't know if it works to freeze them between the fryings or not.

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                  I'm pretty sure commercial fries are frozen after the first frying -- though I'd be happy if someone in the food industry could confirm this.

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                    Yes, they are par-fried. So essentially, they only need to be crisped up.

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                    Usually after you peel and cut you put in water to remove some starch.

                  3. Excuse my humble suggestion. Get Albertson's frozen crinkle cut fries, let them thaw and come to room temp. (called "slacking" in the biz) fry in peanut oil at 385*, salt with commercial fry salt. Que Bueno!

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                      Thanks for the tip! Does this also work with other potato products like tater tots? Or baking instead of frying?

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                        I'm not an expert on cooking these, but I think there is a danger of tots falling apart if they thaw before baking. At least they will be more fragile.

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                          It won't make any difference if you bake them. Tots could fall apart, i don't really care for them.

                      2. Sysco fries in keller's kitchen? Really? Who woulda thought!