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Mar 25, 2010 03:16 PM

2 weeks in Florida.

I've just printed out the "must do" restaurant list, but I need a list of "must eats"

Remember the cultural difference, ok?

I'm an Aussie... so the whole concept of a grouper sandwich... or Cuban food is awesomely weird for me!

But Viet food?

or Thai?

I'd argue that I get better here at home.

I want to be able to turn up in Tarpon Springs saying to my hosts, "I want to try...."

So come on Hounds, hit me with yer best shots!

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  1. Mexican food. You generally don't find California Mexican here, but can probably find Mexican Mexican, and Tex-Mex where you are with a little bit of digging. And for all the gnashing of teeth about the lack of authenticity, I find many versions of Americanized Mexican tasty as well.

    Florida is still technically Southern enough where you can find proper barbecue, which isn't just anything thrown on a grill like some areas use the term but rather meat slow cooked until maximal tender goodness. Just don't get involved in the debate on KC Barbecue v. Carolina barbecue v. Georgia 'cue, as it's almost a religous thing for some people.

    Apalachicola Bay oysters- they don't travel terribly well, so the state gets to keep most of the annual crop for a reasonable price. 'Oyster Happy Hour' is common in many coastal areas.

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      oyster HAPPY HOUR/?????!!!!!!

      I think I just made a mess in my rompers!

    2. You can get some really good grilled octopus in Tarpon Springs. When I head out that way from Tampa I always eat octopus and whole snapper.

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        Keegan's inIndian Rocks Beach has the best grilled Octupus ever! The rest of theeir seafood is great too. No frills, beach joint. Very fresh

      2. Where are you going to be and when are you going to be there? What cuisines do you have access to over there and which ones have you heard of but have no access to? We can send you to some great places, but need more info :)

        1. Having lived in Brighton w/ an office in Melbourne for several years I think I can safely say that you will generally not find the Asian cuisine in Florida(I now reside in Orlando but travel throughout the State frequently) on a par w/ OZ. But not bad... Vietnamese w/ in the Orlando Vietnamese community is quite good, decent Cantonese cuisine can be found.
          I second the Apalachicola post!
          Share where you will be traveling and I am certain there are some Florida Hounds that will tie you in to some exceptionally clasic Florida / Southern eats. Go the Demons!!!

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            where is good Cantonese food?

            better yet what is good Cantonese food?

          2. If you find FL Rock Shrimp on any menu, order them plain broiled, with melted butter on the side.