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Mar 25, 2010 03:11 PM

Best Wings in San Diego

I would like to stay around the beach area PB, OB, MB but will travel if something can't be missed.

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  1. looks like there are a few good recommendations in these threads:

    1. I have been hitting Wing Night at two beach area bars. The first is Bub's Dive bar in Pacific Beach on Garnet Ave. Wednesday wings are 25 cents each, and you can pick from seven or so different flavors. I have had some very good wings there over the past several months. I just wrote an article about it with some photographs if you are interested.

      Second is Sneak Joint in Mission Beach on Mission Blvd. They have wing night on Sundays and Mondays, 25 cents each as well. I have only been to this one once, but the wings were very good on my visit. They have fewer flavors than Bub's, and I have heard wind they run out sometimes.

      For what could be the best wings around, try Olde City Grill on Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach. One of the owners, Zach, is a wing fanatic. He went out of his way to find a supplier that gives him huge wings, almost the size of thighs and drumsticks. My favorite flavor here is the BBQ, as they use Redstar BBQ sauce, a very good, localy produced product. Unfortunately, they do not put their wings on special. There is a picture of the BBQ sauce on my site, but not the wings.

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        Captain Jack, thanks for the rec on Bub's. My friends and I have been going to the Aussie Pub semi-regularly for wing Wednesdays. As an east-coaster, I know the wings are crap, but they do meet the important grad student criterion of being half-price. Anyway, based on your review we decided to check out Bub's last night and were all impressed. Nice meaty wings at half the per-wing price of Aussie, $10 pitchers of Sam seasonal (Noble Pils). The sauces were all well-done; the buffalo was for once not excessively vinegary and the BBQ were not doused in McD'-s tasting BBQ sauce. Also not at all greasy, I would be willing to believe (even though it's probably not true) that they weren't fried. I think we're all converts now. Thanks!

      2. I've been insearch of the best myself.

        I've followed the recommendations of many in the past only to be disapointed.

        So far the best I've found are the East Lake Tavern and McGreggors. Neither are in the beach area.

        There's always Wings-in-Things I guess.

        Hey does anybody know of a place in San Diego that uses Anchor Bar wing sauce? I ordered some online and it is the best.

        1. I had Dirty Birds wings in PB. Solid! Half price during happy hour 3-7 multiple flavors, nice crisp on them. They are a little bigger than I usually like but where cooked perfectly. Stand out was maple chipolte. I'll definitely be going back!

          Dirty Birds
          4656 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

          1. I'm by no means a wing expert, but I have been on a buffalo wing kick lately and I've liked the ones at Luc's Bistro in Poway for what its worth....which isn't really a lot by the way.

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              I believe the Anchor bar sauce is from the original Anchor Bar & Grill Restuarant in Buffalo New York. I pick this up in Buffalo New York as I am Canadian and go over border for some shopping . LOVE anchor sauce their suicide has a real kick.

              I love trying new sauces and rubs and I tried googling the above mentioned Redstar BBQ sauce and only came up with some restaurants that use this. Is there a grocery store I could pick this up from?

              1. re: palmtree38

                I am a little confused palmtree. You say you are Canadian, and pick up sauce in Buffalo, but I see you post a lot on this board. If you are here in San Diego, you can buy Restar by the bottle at Olde City Grill. If you do not live here, call up owners Zach or Kenny and they can either give you the manufacturers contact information, or ship it to you themselves. Their phone number is on my blog which has a link in my post above. One note of interest on Redstar BBQ Sauce. It has a very high sugar content so it is best enjoyed heated up. Cold it is a bit grainy from the sugar. Heated it is excellent.

                Olde City Grill
                967 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

                1. re: Captain Jack

                  I am from Toronto and fly out of Buffalo many times for travel holidays. I have been to San Diego Jan 2009 and will be going again this fall as we just loved it.

                  I love buying spices/sauces/rubs from vacation destinations as we love to cook.
                  WE picked up two silver tin can rubs from Napa Valley at a supermarket along with Tapatio hot sauce, and large dried chili peppers. The Tapatio we were introduced to from Wahoo's in La Jolla.

                  Will look at your olde city grill. Also a very good rub from Gilroys which they will ship to our hotel is Garlic Dude Dust AMAZING..

                  2335 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901