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Mar 25, 2010 03:05 PM

Wilmington transformation...yuppy ingredients at Market Basket

Wilmington seems to be on the cusp of a transformation into a suburban yuppie outpost, with a few new restaurants and the renovated shopping center. The Market Basket there doesn't look all that different from its predecessor but last night I noticed that they had.....drumroll......FRISEE! It was in the small organic produce aisle, $2.49 a head. I have seen it sporadically in Farmland (Wakefield) and Roche Brothers, but once looked in vain for it at Whole Foods, so I was gobsmacked to see it in MB. I have yet to check out the Reading MB; perhaps it, and Chelsea, are more likely to carry it but I sure didn't expect to see it, ever, in Wilmington.

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  1. I hate frisee.... I choke every time I eat it.

    1. Yeah...a real yuppie outpost....Proof is in the Sonic that is almost ready to open....

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      1. re: Frank Enbean

        Brief detour from the topic - exactly where on Main St is the Sonic going to be?

        1. re: greygarious

          It's literally 50 yards from the Market Basket entrance, between CVS and McDonald's.

          1. re: Frank Enbean

            Thanks - I drove right past at night, and never noticed. Fingers crossed that, not being on as major a road as Route 1, it won't back traffic up so badly! 38 is already a nightmare during commuting hours.

      2. They have it in Ashland. I just separate it, drizzle with EVOO and champagne vinegar and some s and p.

        1. Market Baskets seem to have strange policies on what an individual store carries. The one in downtown Haverhill has always had frisee. Last week I got four heads of 'artisan lettuce' for under $3,' they have a terrific produce section. The downtown store, until last week, carried Liberte yogurt for $1.10 less than the Harvest Market in Cambridge. Go figure

          1. I grew up in Wilmington and worked at Market Basket - my very first job. I often credit the great variety of produce, cuts of meat and other not-so-common ingredients that I was exposed to as a check-out girl as part of my inspiration to become a personal chef. That said, I would never consider Wilmington (now or ever) to be a yuppie enclave. But DeMoulas/Market Basket in Wilmington has always carried fresh and varied foodstuffs.